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Storefront Doors Incorporates New Smart Glass Technology

We live in a world filled with smart devices and technology to enhance all aspects of our lives. Glass has been proven to be around from between 3500 and 4000 BC, who knows how long before then. Now one knows for sure how the first attempts of making glass took place or what their use was for. Today, it is a different story!

Storefront Doors Incorporates New Smart Glass Technology

Friday February 03, 2017,

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Glass has been incorporated into all aspects of our lives. From the simple little things such as a glass to drink from, mugs, plates and more to windows, storefront doors, walls, roofs, buildings and even bridges.

Applications for glass can be found all around us and once again, it is evolving. The changes happened over time as everything else does in life. We have seen glass developing from normal easily breakable to bulletproof. We have discovered reflective properties for mirrors, window tinting and more. Now we are introduced to the new smart glass technology.


Glass is a beautiful thing.

It brightens, darkens, reflects, protects and even breathes. With new advancements, you can have one window turn from bright allowing light and then turn to darkening limiting the amount of light it allows in. It assists in heating your home or store, saving on electricity bills.

Glass is offering more and more sustainability to the human race. It is offered in a wide selection of shapes, colors and uses that we are almost at a point where we can no longer live without it.

It is becoming an increasingly popular option for architects and builders around the world. From glass windows to glass doors, evolving to glass homes and offices. Then we see glass awnings, glass staircases, glass storefronts, and bridges.

What is coming next?

Display Technology

At UBC in Kelowna, Canada researchers have uncovered a new coating for glass. This coating is constructed of multiple layers of extremely thin metal. It increases the quantity of light that passes through glass. Additionally, due to the conductive properties of metal, it is aimed at creating smart windows for advanced technological display.

It is similar but not the same as energy efficient windows. These windows will be able to selectively filter heat and light through a window. It would prove to be more effective to save energy as it will be adjusted according to the time of day and season.

The latest in transitioning technology is being applied to glass. Soon it will be used for storefront doors, windows, glass walls, on cars and even in homes.

Energy Efficient Glass

We already have thermochromic filter technology being placed in double and triple pane glass to reduce energy usage. This glass technology assists by allowing the winter sun to penetrate and blocking the damaging rays or the summer sun. It is widely used for businesses, shopping malls, offices, storefront doors, windows and more. These windows are great for saving energy where needed.

These windows can be installed and applied basically anywhere. Use them on your car windows, skylights, home or office windows, storefront doors, shower walls and for your sunroofs. Glass is a fantastic discovery and every year it becomes better, it’s almost like a fine wine I would say.