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25 best growth hacking tools every marketer must use

Startup or a company with years of experience should definitely need a Growth Hacker to boost their growth and find those niches in which they get more targeted consumers.

25 best growth hacking tools every marketer must use

Wednesday December 06, 2017,

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Startup or a company with years of experience should definitely need a Growth Hacker to boost their growth and find those niches in which they get more targeted consumers.

Growth hacking techniques play a vital role in almost all areas of a startup: validation of idea and business model, product development, user acquisition, user activation, revenue, user retention and recommendation.

Even so, if you are not clear about the idea of using a professional you can use some of the tools and apply them to your website. Here we have listed the top 25 Growth hacking tools that every growth hacker must use.


Buzzsumo. Completely free, look for those topics that are more engaged in social media; it also allows you to find other users with whom you can collaborate and write articles.

Clicktotweet: Very simple, free and cool, this is the tool that allows you to convert a link into a tweet. How to take advantage? Enter links to your blog or your newsletters and convert them to tweets. Also, Bitly style, you can track how often the link is clicked.

Bounce Exchange. This tool allows you to detect when users are going to leave your website and launch different pop-ups to continue maintaining them.

KISSmetrics. It shows you the information associated with each person who visits the web; This application goes beyond indicating how many users have visited your website but also allows you to segment them.

Kingsumo. This WordPress plugin shows you which is the best title you can have on your website to get more traffic. In addition, the titles vary as users share them through social networks.

Mixrank. It is one of the most useful tools when searching the web for companies, applications, and users that can become potential customers of your company, as well as generate their own actions to attract them. Find new sources of potential traffic as well as monitor the competition to see what their movements on the network are.

Buffer: Fashion tool for all Community Manager, with a great design and ease of use, will solve the hassle of scheduling your social networks. The Buffer app works very well and a plugin for Chrome that makes it even easier to share items on your social networks.

Session CAM: Session Cam is useful to record the sessions for your users. Imagine how helpful it is to know what your users do after coming to your Website. Additionally, t provides the functionality of heat maps that will give more information about the behavior of your users.

Instapage. Tool for the creation of different landings pages, originals to be able to attract clients. Whether it’s to optimize a website or your mobile …

Optimizely. If what worries you is the SEO for your WordPress page this plugin will help you solve the problems; either with personalized tracking within the web, including an automatic programming system,

IFTT. A tool that allows you to automate content on any social networking platform by introducing the different RSS codes as well as everything you want to mention, all created through a system of recipes.

SumoMe. Increasing an effective way of traffic to your web through several tools of conversion and classification of users among others.

Zapier. Easy automation for busy people. Zapier moves info between your web apps automatically, so you can focus on your most important work.

Mailchimp. One of the best tools to boost your email marketing. It serves both to manage databases of subscribers and the different campaigns that are launched.

Hello Bar: Hellobar is a fine top banner that has become very popular among bloggers. This tool is useful if our goal is to get subscribers or redirect your users to a page, usually landing page, or your social networks.

C0libri.io. It allows you to search for keywords throughout the network and social networks, in order to improve the SEO of your website and know what customers are looking for.

Quicksprout. It makes a quick analysis of the web and gives you tips to optimize it based on SEO, how to work on keywords or analyze your social media strategy.

Woorank. This website allows you to create personalized reports on the traffic that your website reaches, through SEO, social media and more.

MozBar. This plugin is available for both chrome and firefox browsers. For users, it allows you to see the already ranking page in which your competitor is positioned, the domain, external or internal links and much more.

Qualaroo. Create easy-to-follow questionnaires in order to find the best experience for users.

Similar Web. Analyze the performance of your website and your competition.

Typeform. It allows you to create questions and forms of all kinds with a unique and original design so that users consider them essential.

WebRank SEO: Chrome plugin that gives you the Page Rank, Alexa ranking and much more information about the page you have open.

Intercom.io . It is an all-in-one tool that allows you to communicate with users after studying their behavior and interaction on the web.

Google Analytics. The analysis tool from the excellence of Google. With it, you can analyze the content of your website, the traffic, the conversion of your campaigns, the profit margin and create detailed reports comparing time periods and sessions.