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5 Virtual Exhibition Platforms in India in 2020

5 Virtual Exhibition Platforms in India in 2020

Saturday September 12, 2020,

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The pandemic has pushed the world towards digitization. From conferences to classes, to meetings and interviews, almost everything has entered the virtual world. The last, but the most promising one in line is virtual exhibitions - because translating the entire model into a digitized space is not as simple as it looks. But it’s nothing a good platform can’t handle. Keeping that in view, we compiled this helpful list of 5 virtual exhibition platforms in India for 2020 to help your business flourish.

Although virtual exhibitions have been on the radar for a long time, the market has seen exponential growth over the past six months, giving a dramatic boost to the virtual industry. In India, many new competitors have emerged in the market to contest the traditional set up with their new high-tech solutions. However, it’s a reality that capturing the dynamics and hustle of an in-person exhibition is as tough a task as any.

Exhibitors are still reluctant to jump on the online bandwagon because of the complexity and newness of this industry. They have lingering doubts about whether their virtual exhibitions will be successful enough to pay off the organizational changes. But the truth is that venturing into the digital space is only going to benefit them in not one but many ways. To start with - saving the hassle of logistics and travelling. Further to it, most of the renowned event planning companies have already predicted the future to be full of virtual events along with in-person exhibitions. It's not a choice anymore: you have to plan ahead and get your virtual campaigns going now, or you won't stand in the future.

5 Virtual Exhibition Platforms in India, 2020


Started in 2017, Xporium is the first of it's kind to venture into the virtual arena of events and exhibitions. Hence, their tagline - India 1st Virtual Exhibitions Platform. 

Offering 2D, 3D, and as well as VR capabilities to organize events and exhibitions, of all scales, the platform ensures that exhibitors are able to replicate the experience of a physical event into a virtual one. 

What sets it apart from other platforms available in the market is that they create completely immersive 3D environments that allow visitors to walk through the halls, navigate booths, browse content, download catalogs, network with exhibitors as well as attend live webinars using simple navigation keys and mouse on their computer. 


The high-tech platform offers customized event halls, branded 3D stalls, real time interactions, live Webinars, and robust chat support that transcends any physical exhibition.  There is also the option for group chats to engage with multiple attendees simultaneously. Personal interactions, live product demos and networking are a few reasons why we attend physical events. Xporium excels at all of these elements. An addition, the virtual exhibition platform includes e-commerce integration that allows visitors to shop directly from the exhibition page during the event. 

Exhibitors also get access to their personalised dashboard that they can use to upload, edit or delete products, schedule or cancel virtual appointments, as well as collect user data. What more? Their VR capabilities deliver a complete immersive experience, taking the virtual event industry to the next level.

Apart from organizing their own events they also provide their platform for while-label use enabling exhibition organizers to host their flagship trade fairs, exhibitions and events. Xporium also supports business conferences, education seminars, and live Webinar. 

Another exciting feature of Xporium is the upcoming Wings Program; a referral program that will allow people to join a group consisting of like-minded industrialists, traders and manufacturers of their city. Wings can turn out to be a revolutionary new addition to the older methods of leads generation and network building. How far this platform goes, only time will tell, but the promises and demos are exciting us for sure! 

Xporium Virtual Exhibitions Platform

Snapshot of a Virtual Venue Hall from Xporium's Demo


Focused on holding virtual exhibitions parallel to live ones in order to maximize participation. It gives the option of holding temporary as well as permanent expos. For temporary exhibitions, you have to select a plan predicting the number of visitors. And if you reach the count, you need to top up to allow more attendees. The permanent exhibitions package has no such limitations.

There is a pretty washed up 2D exhibition space, with booths names and products catalogues below which you can click on to get more information about the exhibitor and the products. However, the attendees can directly make purchases during the exhibition if a product feels good enough. This simple integration can help in generating higher revenues.

Content uploads are also allowed in order for product presentation, along with an exchange of v-cards and contact information, but no live-action seems to be present to assist in good networking. All in all, Utradefair does well to bring revenues but lacks in the connection and engagement department.

Utradefair Exhibition Demo

A video guide on the website of Utradfair showing visitors how to view their exhibition


Primarily focusing on Industrial Exhibitions, Expoburg makes no effort to recreate the physical exhibition atmosphere whatsoever. This makes sense as industrial exhibitions are more about exchanging brochures, cataloging and giving live demos as compared to other industries like Education, Textiles, Fashion and Technology that requires more immersive experience.


The interface of Expoburg is quite simple and straightforward, showcasing the category of live or upcoming exhibitions. You can select any one of your interests which takes you to a list of exhibitors present there. Once you choose the exhibitor’s name, you land on a different page that holds their introduction, a list of their products and contact forms. The only difference is that while an online store allows on-page purchases, ExpoBurg doesn't.

Exhibitors are allowed to upload unlimited product-videos, brochures and other marketing material, and it also takes the responsibility to carry out personalized pre-event marketing campaigns in print and electronic media.

ExpoBurg also claims to provide live and post-event webinar facilities and a detailed post-event report including the number of visitors, their contact information and the total number of downloads. There’s no demo available so you’ll have to take their word for that.

Expoburg Online Exhibitions

ExpoBurg Online Exhibitions for various industries


Initially launched as a Live Webcasting and Streaming service, Dreamcast has come a long way with its offerings in the digital space. They provide support for virtual talk shows, exhibitions, meetings, conferences, AGMs and other similar events. Pertaining to the soaring demand for Virtual Events and Expos,, the platform has recently ventured into the respective category, rolling out features to initiate seamless communication between the participants. These features including live chats, webinars, customer insights and personalized booths. In addition to this, exhibitors are allowed to gather valuable feedback through live-polls and Q/A sessions.

Dreamcast also includes a customizable Single URL for the entire event that attendees can use to register and attend the event. All designs and features are customized to fit the requirements of a particular event. 

At present, they are not providing e-commerce integration.

Dreamcast Virtual Exhibitions Platform

Sample from Dreamcast's first virtual edition of All Abouot Music 2020


Blues N Coppers

A Mumbai-based exhibition stand design company, has also recently ventured into the virtual space, providing 360 degree virtual exhibition booths for exhibitors. 

Features such as interactive live sessions and real-time visitor reporting help exhibitors connect with potential buyers on a personal level. All of their designs and virtual spaces are responsive, enabling customers to attend events from both desktop and mobile. 

They also set up virtual booths on your desired site, so that is a plus. Apart from that, the platform doesn't offer much in terms of immersive experience. 

Blues N Coppers Physical Exhibitions

A glimpse of Blues N Coppers' Exhibit 360

So when are you planning your next virtual event? 

Know any upcoming platform for virtual expos and events in India? Let us know in the comment section below...