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Birthdays Beyond Cakes

Birthdays Beyond Cakes

Wednesday February 15, 2017,

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It’s overwhelming to receive a lot of birthday wishes from your friends, family, love, relatives, and whereabouts. However, if only wishes had sufficed, then birthday would have been just as ordinary as any day.

You get the sentiment, right?

Yes, you might not be straightforward about it, but deep down you crave for gifts for birthday. Gifting on a birthday is an old-aged tradition that has been practiced since the centuries, although, the way of expression of your sentiments to your beloved ones has changed dramatically.

Early morning, as the sunshine pierces the drapes of the window to your face, it awakes you the most beautiful day of the year. The top of the mind thought that very moment swirls around the birthday gifts.

No sooner, you ecstatically get off the bed to look out for the birthday presents. That moment is absolutely priceless. It just comes once in a year- just like your birthday.

From the bunch of presents you receive, you seek for the gift that stands out from the rest. That is when you make the birthday boy/girl feel truly unique.

Undeniably, you would want to be one of those, who would not make this tradition a chore. So, explore the below for some brilliant online birthday gifting ideas for a birthday.

Birthday gifts for bosom friends

Occasionally, do you share gay moments with your best friends? Ah! This set of folks makes your close friends. And, it goes without saying that your friend is expecting an out-of-the-ordinary present for the occasion. So, what do you gift?

Craft customized present for him/her on this milestone of your beloved one. It will totally make it an “out of the box” present.

To start with, getting a personalized cake is not a cliché. Round it up with any of these:

• Birthday t-shirts (Grammar Nazi, character-themed, etc.)

• Bracelets (friendship bracelets)

• Album (a collection of your timeless moments)

• Mugs (some like, “We are the coolest”)

• Key chains. (I am there for you because you are there for me too)

Of course, all of these won't cost you an arm and a leg. Buy birthday gifts online in India from IGP.com.

Birthday present ideas for love

Strengthen your love-hate relationship with your partner by choosing from a wide range of birthday presents.

Gifting a bouquet of roses is a cool idea, although not cool enough. It kind of anticipated. Club it with a cake. Wait, not just a cake, a personalized cake with your love quote over it.

Roses and cake form a chore for someone who means more to you than anybody.

• Spice them up with a set of accessories (handbags, wallets, couple rings, earrings, perfume, and/or bracelet/watch).

If you are having a tough time in gauging his/her taste for accessories, then look for an alternative.

• Along with roses and cake- a light shaded shirt will be as great as any other choice for men.

• For that beautiful body, getting a one piece is an undying gifting choice for her birthday. Let her flaunt those curves on special occasions.

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