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Top places to travel this summer

Top places to travel this summer

Thursday August 09, 2018,

4 min Read


Everybody dreams about vacationing in a place full of fantasies. People want to discover new places, see new landmarks, eat new cuisines, wander in the ruins, walk on a beach, or hike in the hills. With so many places on the menu but so little time to decide, it can become a hassle to choose a place which can satisfy all your priorities and needs.

For this reason, we are going to talk about top places where you can enjoy a great time with your family, friends, loved one, or even alone in this summer. These places are filled with amazing beaches, historical landmarks, heavenly natural sights, landscapes, sceneries, and much more for you to see and enjoy your summer vacations. We want everyone to make the most of his or her 2018 summer vacations so that he or she can release their stress, rediscover their passions and interests, and fall in love with what he or she sees.

Our wildcard traveling tip

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Top places to travel this summer

So what are the top places that we recommend everyone to visit this summers? Let’s find out.

Sunrise & Sunset Beach, Koh Lipe - Thailand

Sunrise and Sunset beaches are located adjacent to each other on the island of Koh Lipe. As the name suggests, Sunrise Beach is a perfect place to observe the rise of the sun, and Sunset Beach is a great place to see it drown in the ocean. The view is just perfect, and in between those time, you can visit the city, have some local food and enjoy a great time on the beach sunbathing.

Goa - India

Goa is a beach heaven on Southern Indian coast. It is filled with green trees, hillsides, white sand beaches, resorts, nightclubs, discos, and some great historical landmarks. Getting there is also no problem as there are multiple international airports around the city. If you want to spend a great time with family, friends or loved ones, Goa is a perfect place for travel.

Patong Beach, Phuket - Thailand

A popular destination for all beachgoers and nature lovers, Phuket is a heaven on Earth for every vacationer. Surrounded by serene water from everywhere and limestone cliffs, it is a perfect setting to spend quality time with your loved ones. The city also offers some great shopping malls, restaurants, nightclubs, discos and bars for everyone to enjoy their vacations, so make the most of it.

Barcelona - Spain

Located in the south of Europe, Barcelona is a great destination for spending your summers with family or loved ones. It has some great structures, historical landmarks, beaches, hills, streets and markets to visit. Summers are wonderful in Barcelona, so make your time there the best you have spent.

Stockholm - Sweden

Stockholm is known as the Venice of the North. The city is on 14 islands that are connected by more than 50 bridges. There is an amazing archipelago, along with some great parks, historical sites, and landmarks for everyone to explore. This city is perfect for a family summer vacation.

Copenhagen - Denmark

Copenhagen is a city of happy people. It has some of the best restaurants, landmarks, beaches, resorts, nightclubs, amusement parks and museums for everyone to see and explore. A trip to this city is a dream for many people. So we recommend you to visit it this summers for maximum fun with your loved ones. For more details book cheap flight tickets to Copenhagen Denmark now.

Kathmandu - Nepal

Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal. This land of beautiful mountains is a dream place to visit in summers. You can visit the base camp of Mount Everest, as well as some other great treks around the city. Visiting this city is an amazing experience and you may find yourself tiny between sky-piercing mountains.

Honolulu, Hawaii - USA

Honolulu is the westernmost State of the USA. This place is loaded with amazing beaches, surf waters, mountains, forests, and other amazing sites that are known for their association with history, shopping, and culture.