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Career in Recruiting

Career in Recruiting

Thursday March 09, 2017,

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Why should you choose a Career in Recruiting?

Nothing can be more fulfilling than directly impacting people’s life. There are a few such professions e.g. Doctors, Teachers, Farmers etc. Believe it or not, Recruiting is another such profession which I rate equally noble as being a doctor.

Recruiting is a Noble Profession

While doctors save people life and keep them on, Recruiter keeps making people’s life better. Think of a situation when people are struggling to find a job, and you come to rescue them, or when somebody needs to find a better career opportunity to the existing and you bring joy to them by presenting an opportunity that they were looking for.

The process of winning the business, finding the right talent, walking through the entire interview process, offering and accepting the offer and onboarding fulfillment cannot be explained in words

Well, that’s one side of the story. The other good side is that it is one of the most rewarding careers one can opt for.

Career in Recruiting is Financially Rewarding

Working in a profession that is so noble is one thing, but you still need to make money. In the world of economic distress, recruiting could be one of the most exciting and rewarding business you can choose. The pay commission is by and large one of the best and if you understand recruiting properly, you will be able to make placements quickly and consistently. This will lead to hefty paychecks month over month.

Recruiting is a skill, once acquired, stays with the person forever. The market situation does not really impact a recruiter. BFSI not doing good, no worries, Pharma will still be hiring. Retail is down, doesn’t matter, IT will have tons to hire. Every working professional is on a constant lookout for something better and a recruiter is constantly on the job.

Abundance of Learning

This is one career that lets you learn about so many different verticals, business, and clients. Every new opening opens doors of new learning and a recruiter is always a very informed person. Every new position enables you to meet many new people and help you increase your network. It’s fair to say that a recruiter is one of the most networked professionals in today’s world.

Recruiting is a sales role

A recruiter is no longer a support role. In most of the organizations and especially a staffing firm, it is a revenue generating role. Like any other sales role, this role is also target driven. One of the best parts of this sale is that you don’t have to really move out of your desk. The amount of flexibility a recruiting role provides is unimaginable. You can choose your own working hours and your working location.

The skills you enhance

 Communication, Negotiation, Networking is a few life skills that you enhance while you work as a recruiter. Needless to say, these skills are few most important skills required in any industry nowadays.

I worked in multiple organization in last 18 years. I have created a recruiting organization, managed recruiting operations and have trained numerous recruiters. I have seen them hitting high success scores and achieving success in life.

The Feeling

The feeling of building something, somebody’s career, a great network, a talent pool, building market intelligence, building financial freedom etc. are a few feelings that every great recruiter will have. A recruiter always feels that he is running a small business unit (his own business unit) in the organization.

Challenges in Recruiting

Of course, nothing comes free. Recruiting also has few challenges and people who are able to shine are the ones who learn the recruiting process deeply and keep enhancing their skills every day.

Want to be an expert Recruiter?

You could be a fresher or you might be looking forward to elevating your recruiting career to the next level. All of this needs proper guidance and mentorship. IF you are willing to make your recruiting career more rewarding or planning to start your career in recruiting, you might like to connect with me and explore the different possible ways in which I might be able to help you achieve your goals.


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