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MoShik's Homemade Chocolates

Saturday July 02, 2016,

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Brand:-MoShik's Homemade Chocolates

Founder/Co-Founder:-Mrs.Shikha Jain/Mr.Mohit Kumar Jain

Year of Establishment:-2013(December)

With a Burning Desire in heart to do something and serve our country, we started our own business with an expertise in the fine-art of making yummy homemade chocolates. I always wanted to become self-dependent and job was not the right vehicle which I was driving. This thing I realized in the first three months of my job. We were looking for some good opportunity which came in my Life after my marriage. Initial financial support came from my job salary and then for next some time the sales took care of the business itself.

Biggest Hurdles in our path were PEOPLE. Initially friends, relatives nobody supported us and said that leaving a high paid white collar IT job and going to start this silly venture will take you nowhere, but we were firm to start something on our own.

Our first few orders came in new year and then for the next order we had to wait for 4-5 months. It was a testing period for us but then the doors of opportunity opened when we got the opportunity to deal with the largest growing sector in today's Indian market--"E-Commerce", with the leading e-commerce company-Snapdeal. Once we started the journey with Snapdeal, there was no looking back. At present we have more than 60+ E-commerce sites/Mobile Apps where our products are listed and now this month we are launching our own E-Commerce Portal for Exclusively selling Homemade Chocolates.We have done Trademark registration on our own,building the credibility of our brand day by day.Our Brand MoShik's is the first Homemade Chocolate Brand in India having both Trademark Registration and ISO 9001:2008 Certification at present

May any day,any occasion or any event come, our chocolates are available for the masses, 24X7 for customers.In this journey many people criticized us,many left us in between but we were rock solid with our decision.Today our chocolate has reached 278+ cities/towns/villages in India,covering 28 States/UT, all because of the decision we had to hang their till the end. We have delivered our product to our customers even at 12:00 Midnight as well as 06:00 AM also,all on our own must because of our commitment to serve our customers.

Still many paths have to be crossed,still many challenges have to be faced,still more improvement is required but we are moving ahead with our goal to provide people the best of the best homemade chocolates at a reasonable price within their hands. More than 200 plus flavors in chocolates, 150 plus flavors in Truffles and more than 1000 plus packaging mark the difference that MoShik's had then its competitors. Initially We only managed everything from being worker to boss but now we have distributors, suppliers, dealers, helpers all associated with us across India.

Some experts believe that the best home made chocolates can be procured in Ooty (Tamil Nadu), while others believe that Kerala is gradually becoming a hot destination for homemade chocolates and cakes.

At present, there are more than a dozen factories in Kerala that manufacture several variants and flavors of this delectable dark brown confection. Also, ‘home made chocolates’ is one of the top Small Business Ideas that early to middle stage entrepreneurs are exploiting in Karnataka and Kerala. But the success of our company ‘MoShik’s’ tells us that the trend is changing and entrepreneurs from other parts of the country are also trying to get their share of India’s chocolate market which is worth about Rs 7000 Cr and expected to double in the next 7 to 8 years.

Being from a simple middle class background and having no business degrees, knowledge, it was a challenge for us to establish ourselves in the market, but day to day practical life experiences helped us a lot to deal with people and is still helping us a lot to grow and become a better businessman and a better human being first, every single day which is passing. Today many of my friends who are still working in highly paid white collar IT jobs are facing heat of recession, slowdown, layoff and are having a full tensed life but on the other hand I am making every day of my life count to indulge sweetness in other's life. I am my own boss and I am a successful Entrepreneur.

I always thank the almighty GOD who I believe is always with me. I thank my parents also who slowly and patiently now understand our startup and give more than full support to us at every single point.

With very high dreams in my eyes, MoShik’s is set to rule Homemade Chocolate Industry in coming decade.