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Scrapbook Tools and Materials for Beginners: The Best 8

To all the Scrapbook Beginners, here is your ready list of basic scrapbook tools and materials.

Scrapbook Tools and Materials for Beginners: The Best 8

Tuesday December 05, 2017,

5 min Read

There are many scrapbook tools and materials available which might be confusing for beginners on where to start their own Scrapbook. Though the variety is huge, one might need not all of them to start the Scrapbook album. Below is the list of 8 basic Scrapbook Tools and materials that you require to make your Scrapbook Album.

1. Card Stock:

Card Stock is the basic requirement to start creating your own scrapbook. They are hard papers that work as the base for any Scrapbooks. Since the quality of card stock is thicker, they are more durable and will keep the Scrapbooks intact and long last. Before starting a Scrapbook, it is good to select the color scheme of the book, and hence the card stock. For instance, while creating a scrapbook for baby girl, most people would want to stick to baby pink color. It is good to buy pink shades of Card stock to create the base of the Scrapbook.

The card stock will further be used in the making of embellishments, highlighting a specific text/image further in the Scrapbook. So choosing the right card stock and color is essential.


2. Scrap/Patterned Paper

Scrapbook papers, also known as patterned papers come in different sizes, patters and designs. Choose from the vast range of scrapbook paper that would go best with your requirement and color scheme. Scrapbook paper works as the design element of any Scrapbook and will give the overall look of the Scrapbook. Choosing the right paper here is essential for there are so many designs one can choose from. One can create scrapbook using the same kit paper or use different patterns for each page. Baby Girl designs to vintage look to floral theme to animal theme, there are different range available that comes in pack of 12-24 sheets or can be bought loose as well.


3. Scissors/Trimmers/Cutters

Cutting the papers is the next important need while creating the Scrapbook. There might be need of different shapes of papers that would give that elegant look to the Scrapbook. So, one would need a basic good pair of scissors and a paper cutter to start with. However, to further add creative elements to your Scrapbook, there is variety of shape cutters available that can be further used. Though they are expensive to buy, make sure to buy these cutters only if you will be making lots of Scrapbooks. The variety range from a basic shape cutter in round to flower’s shape cutter and can go up to corner cutters to border cutters.

Investing in a good trimmer is also a good option if you want to make Scrapbooks professionally. This allows not only cutting the papers straight, but also can be used while binding the Scrapbook album.


4. Embellishments

Embellishments enhance the pages that you create in your Scrapbooks. A simple album with card stock and scarp paper might look like any other photo album until you add some kind of embellishments to give the Scrapbook a personal touch. Use of flower cuts, buttons, ribbons, tags, laces, beads etc can make the Scrapbook more exciting and awesome. One can make their own embellishments by making use of these things and give a creative touch to the Scrapbooks.


5. Adhesives:

Adhesives are important in pasting all the scrapbook supplies you intend to stick in your Scrapbook albums. Starting from pasting the card stock, scrap paper to even the embellishments, you cannot stick with the use of adhesives. There is different type of adhesives available in market starting from tapes to glues. However, a double sided tape is what we recommend while pasting the scrap paper and even photos. They are easy to use, create no mess and also work best to stick those photos forever. Glue gun can also be used for pasting heavy work like buttons, pins or while binding the Scrapbook.


6. Distress Ink:

Distress Ink has the versatility to be used in so many creative ways. They are used by professional Scrap bookers to give a vintage look to the page, stamping, distress edges of the paper, stencilling, etc. One can make use of Distress Ink to give a creative edge to the Scrapbooks which looks beautiful and professionally made.


7. Photos

How can we forget the most important part of Scrapbooks? The pictures that we are creating the Scrapbook for. It is advisable to sort the pictures that need to be pasted in the Scrapbook at the start of creating the Scrapbook album. It is completely fine to sort and select more pictures than you would actually stick in the album. The next recommended step would be to list out the selected pictures in an order that you would want to use them in the Scrapbook album. This will give an idea of what page we are creating and what elements and embellishments would go best in describing that picture. Make the use of double sided tape to stick these pictures for they are the easiest way to use.


8. Binding:

Lastly, you need to bind all the pages together to hold the Scrapbook album right and finding the best way to bind these pages is essential. There are many techniques one can use to bind the pages together. For someone who is making the album for the first time, spiral binding is the easiest method or goes for simple punch in the pages and binds them together with a ring. Though we recommend the stack the deck binding technique which might look difficult at the first attempt but once mastered will give a neat and long lasting edge to your handmade Scrapbooks.


The above Scrapbook tools and materials are good enough to start your first Scrapbook. You can play with these tools and material to give your creative side a new twist. Depending on your budget and requirement, you can buy more tools and material and enhance the beauty of your Scrapbook album further.