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The best tool for email marketing campaign creation

The best tool for email marketing campaign creation

Friday August 03, 2018,

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 Any business (for example, creative toys company) that communicates with customers, sooner or later, faces the need to deliver important information to them. It can be anything: stocks, new services, moving to a new address (if the business is offline), changing tariffs or just congratulations. 


Of course, paper letters are not suitable for this. Despite all the variety of modern ways of communication, one of the most suitable is email. Every user of a worldwide network has it, and therefore, it is ideally suited for the above purpose. You can use free assignments to understand how to write free assignments.

How to choose the e-mail distribution tool

Today, on the Internet, you can find a huge number of services that allow you to organize email-mailings. The problem is that all of them have different opportunities and belong to different price categories, and to determine the choice, business owners and email marketers have to spend a lot of time studying.

Firstly, looking for the best tool for your business, pay attention to the possibilities of analytics. Study the tools built into the service and find out if it can be integrated with Google Analytics - since without analyzing the results you will never be able to make effective mailings to your audience.

As with any other steps that are somehow related to the business (and large-scale email-mailings are rarely used for other purposes) it is worthwhile to decide in advance on the budget. The amount you are willing to spend will also significantly influence the choice of the email marketing campaign service.

Top 3 tools for e-mail marketing

MailChimp has proven itself in international markets and today it is one of the most popular among the services of mailing lists. The logo of this mailing list is a postman monkey, and this is the main association of most users. There are 4 types of campaigns in MailChimp: regular, simple text, A / B testing, and RSS-campaign.

UniSender is a fairly popular email distribution service. One of its main advantages is the possibility of SMS-mailings, in addition to e-mails. For example, you sent a new commercial offer to an important partner, and so that he can read it as soon as possible, you can immediately send him an SMS notification about it. Another plus of this is that you will have two methods of communication with the client. In case he starts using another box, or the phone changes - you still will not lose contact with him.

GetResponse. The designer of letters deserves special attention because it is very convenient and functional. If you know how to work with HTML, then you can create any letter from scratch, if not - then use the ready-made templates. The service also has many functions. This is the creation of registration forms, the design of landing pages, the adaptive design of letters, A / B testing of mailings, the automation of letters (birthday greetings, special promotions, etc.)

Few words to conclude

In conclusion, it is worthwhile to say once again about what steps need to be done before choosing a service for mailing letters:

determine the frequency of mailings;

determine the basic way of creation of letters (templates, designers, HTML);

determine how deeply you are going to analyze your letters;

determine the budget;

study popular services of mailing lists and choose the one that best suits your purposes and possibilities.

Thus, the best tool for email marketing campaigns will depend on the specifics of your business, its size, the necessity to communicate with customers more or less often, and your marketing strategy as well.

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