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Unemployment in Kenya #IkoKaziKE

Your next job is a hashtag away 

Unemployment in Kenya #IkoKaziKE

Thursday July 20, 2017,

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While working since I was mostly online I noticed many Kenyan youths do not see jobs that are on other platforms. So I became am highly innovative, i started a hash tag on Twitter #IkoKaziKE to allow Kenyans to share jobs and track job openings they come across posted on individual accounts, corporate accounts, WhatsApp, notice boards, newspapers, websites and its really becoming popular .I do this for Free. #IkoKaziKE is legally registered under my name in accordance to Kenyan law. So all you do is check the hashtag you will see the various jobs from all over various Kenyans share on a daily basis.

I think first and foremost something I should just make clear, when I started #IkoKaziKE I did not in my wildest of dreams imagine it would become such a huge trend, thank you to everyone who has supported this hashtag, either by tagging jobs or recruiting and hiring you are simply God sent.

We know social media is powerful, we live in an era we feel the repercussions of social media on a daily basis. We use social media to fund raise, raise awareness, get jobs, find spouses etc. And in as much as we have cons I choose to focus on the pros today.

#IkoKaziKE was started because we have a gap in recruitment. We have so many jobs people just do not see floating around. Whether I see them on my personal accounts via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, twitter, I still see them alone. Which means I share to close friends and family who come to mind or simply ignore. BUT what if i could share all those jobs i come across somewhere EVERYONE, regardless of them knowing me personally can see them? What if I can advertise a job there and get real time results? Did I see the job on my personal account? Was it a referral? Did I read it on a newspaper? Was I walking in an organization and I saw it on the notice board? Was it on a job website? Was it on LinkedIn? Was it an internal job application sent to staff of a particular organization?

#IkoKaziKE does not filter out. We have people from everywhere across Kenya even abroad sharing jobs on there to help each other. We have results; People are posting testimonials or getting interview call backs and even jobs. Individuals are posting jobs and getting hundreds of candidates interested. So YES it is working. It is a hash tag that has thousands of views since December 2016.

On Sunday I was lucky enough to listen to a sermon by an amazing lady, Mama Ryan at Mavuno Mashariki. She challenged us the congregation to DO SOMETHING. The bible is very clear on speaking out even about injustices whereby you just do not see something is wrong and you keep quiet. Yes Kenya has an unemployment problem, we have thousands of graduates each year and no new jobs being offered. We have foreign companies shutting down Kenyan offices. We have rapid retrenchments. We have corruption and misuse of funds to our dis advantage.

 If you are ever lucky to reach the top, send the elevator back down" and " If you feel you are blessed enough build a bigger table not a wall'. I started #IkoKaziKE because i noticed we have a huge gap of floating jobs people never see and i just wanted to make job hunting easier. If you ever get a chance to help people then do so, that's what makes one a leader not necessarily being elected into public office.

If you ever have a chance to help somebody do so- My Mantra. In the end you will be surprised the most precious moments were always free. If you see a job and you share and you help a stranger find employment you have made a change. You are better than most leaders we elect. The change starts with you and me not our politicians.

Thanks again to everyone who made #IkoKaziKE possible.

Kindly Find attached doc detailing the subject heading. Also here is a link to further guide you http://omgvoice.com/news/kenyans-twitter-unemployment/?geoip&country=KE





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