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9 Sensible Tips to Consider When Making Your Restaurant Business Plan

Helpful tips to start and run a successful restaurant business

9 Sensible Tips to Consider When Making Your Restaurant Business Plan

Tuesday August 08, 2017,

6 min Read

Every high-volume business is based on an ingenious and powerful business plan. Although most people might perceive running a restaurant as fun and exciting, restaurants are not an exception to this rule. Quite the contrary!


You think your customers cannot see your restaurant business plan? You’re probably right. Then, how come it’s so critical to the success of your business? Well, believe it or not, even though your guests don’t see all your strategies and restaurant business plan steps listed on a sheet of paper, they actually strongly feel their effects.

Therefore, if you want to run a reputable restaurant in such a competitive industry, follow these helpful tips that were compiled for you.

1. Organise Your Space Properly

Having a small restaurant space does not necessarily have to be an impediment to progress. Just make sure it’s laid out so that your staff can multitask productively. Not only will maximising the use of your space bring about the functionality in your restaurant, but it will significantly lower your long-term costs. Even some small changes can help you organise and optimise your space.

2. Mind the Restaurant Atmosphere

Both your restaurant’s location and interior have a significant influence on the atmosphere it creates. That’s why they had better be impressive!

All the customers come to your restaurant in search of a memorable experience for their special occasions. You’ve done your job right if you met their expectations. The atmosphere is certainly not more important than the food quality, but it can also make or break your business.

Thus, be careful and ensure that the people who placed their trust in your business don’t leave your restaurant disappointed. Make them feel welcome and relaxed. Set the right mood by playing relaxing music, choosing proper lighting, and using the right colour combinations not only to generate their satisfaction but to stimulate their appetite, as well.

In a nutshell, pay particular attention to every single aspect of your business, both obvious and invisible. What we mean by that is even your washrooms should NOT be neglected! That’s how you will make your restaurant a cosy place where your guest will feel at home, gladly return to, and recommend to their friends.

3. Choose Instagram-Worthy Furniture and Equipment

Once your customers are comfortably seated at your fancy tables with stylish tableware and served with perfectly-looking delicious food, they will certainly feel excited. Moreover, they’ll want to take photos, talk about it, and share that experience with the world!

Your job is to provide them with such a pleasant feeling which will encourage them to share their pictures and thoughts on various social media such as Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest, and to watch your business grow.

In addition, on no account should you neglect the comfort and functionality of your chairs, tables, and other equipment to be used in the restaurant. All in all, the more appealing your table setting is, the more likely they’ll be posted on social media networks.

4. Opt for Professional Help

Interior design matters to a great extent but not all restaurant owners like and know how to take care of that business aspect. Are you one of them? No worries! In that case, the right solution would be to hire a professional who would do all the work for you and advise you on what location, furniture, tableware, style, or colours to choose according to your wishes, needs, and budget.

Besides that, it’s possible to hire an expert who will take great care of your daily business by providing clean and hygienic food linen, your staff workwear, first aid kits, or even spotless odour-free washrooms. Could it be more effortless for you to run your restaurant smoothly these days? Definitely not.

5. Communicate with Your Suppliers

Talk to your suppliers on a regular basis to check whether you can get better business deals. No one is likely to offer them if you don’t ask for them. That’s why you should negotiate with people and demand the best possible deals for your business.

Also, try to avoid any middlemen to maintain good value for money. It would be wise to turn to small local farmers who can offer you organic, cheaper, and fresh products. Don’t you agree?

6. Stop Over-Ordering Your Supplies

You cannot run a profitable business unless you know where each penny of yours is spent. Most people might be tempted to think that bulk-buying will save them more money. But is that really so?

However, you should consider planning your menu and make adjustments to your inventory so that you always have fresh ingredients at your disposal and to avoid any possible extra costs of food waste.

7. Control the Food Costs

When it comes to finances, running a restaurant does not seem to be much fun, right? It’s necessary to develop an effective strategy for lowering your costs, but without sacrificing the quality of the food you offer.

It’s possible to achieve this by listening to your customers carefully to find out what they like. That’s one way of helping your chefs to plan the menu and preventing you from wasting food and money.

Here’s a helpful video explaining everything you need to know about calculating your food costs.

8. Track Your Labour Costs Regularly

Another simple way of cutting your costs is to start tracking your labour on a daily basis. Sounds complicated? It’s actually quite easy once you get the hang of it. You just need to create a spreadsheet and start putting every single detail in it.

Moreover, you can ask your staff members for regular reports, which will help you keep track of the total hours they worked, as well as of your costs.

Here’s another video showing how small changes have a great impact and empowering you with some labour cost saving ideas.

9. Don’t Devalue Your Business with Constantly Offering Discounts

Discounts apparently attract customers, but be careful not to fall into the trap of constant discounting because it can devalue your business in the customers’ eyes. You wonder how’s that possible? Well, if you offer discounts all the time, people will get the impression that your regular prices are too high.

Instead, you should offer them more value. For instance, if they spend a certain amount of money, they will get one free meal. That’s how they’ll trust you and appreciate you more.

If you find these tips helpful and can’t wait to excel at your business, waste NO more time! Consider additional 126 expert ideas for your restaurant business plan. They’re pertinent to your success, so start incorporating them into your own business plan as soon as possible and you will be amazed by their stunning effects.