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Mileandmile – Leaving Lucrative Jobs in UK to connect Artisans with technology

Artisans and Artists living in the dark are meeting technology through mileandmile.com platform. It is a great step forward in supporting  and  helping them find their lost glory.

Monday July 04, 2016,

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A short meeting with the Artisans in far remote areas of Chhattisgarh (a state within India), was sufficient to understand their plight and situation. Unaware of the technology, these Artisans are forgotten and left out in the dark. We decided to give these Artisans and Artists a platform where their creativity and capability can be showcased. With this intention, I and Arunendra Singh co-founded first of its kind PLATFORM in the world, named appropriately - mileandmile.


Unique and new ideas are normally difficult to start with. The same was true here also as finding talented Artisans and Artists from this unorganised sector was the most challenging task. Another challenge was to connect them with the technology. Challenges arise at every stage, but we have to keep finding solution.


www.mileandmile.com brings you everything Handmade direct from the Artisans and Artists close to your door steps.

The reason behind the name mileandmile is because we believe that Art and Craft changes at every mile you travel and mileandmile aims to bring Artisans and Artists of each and every mile on its platform.

Till now we have connected various Artists and Artisans from various crafts spread across India. Many artisans who were not even familiar with E-mail, Internet etc are now processing mileandmile orders successfully.

Handmade items must play vital role in our day to day life, considering the environmental condition as of today. Mileandmile provides these items to the customer in a cost effective manner. From living room to Kitchen and even to the Bathrooms, clothing, jewellery, mileandmile has product for everyone. From individual people to Corporate to the Interior Decorators, mileandmile is proving exceptionally beneficial.

We boast of our sellers, many of them are either only supplier or one of the few suppliers of these products in the entire world. Hard work of last many years and the sense of artistic excellence can easily be seen in their crafted products. Each piece of Handicraft is a designer collection crafted purely Handmade especially for you.

It’s just 3 months when we started our journey and we are keeping a decent growth month by month, just by the Word of Mouth marketing. We are confident of achieving higher growth rate in the industry while practicing various digital marketing methods.

We have always fulfilled customer requests for products and as part of this within first three months of being operational, we started exporting to the World. Customers demanding for customized products with avariations in the existing products are easily fulfilled by us. This became possible because of the strong Capability of the Artists and Artisans listed on mileandmile platform.

Still a long way to go, mileandmile aims to become the best marketplace of Handmade Products in the world with customers getting Authentic products directly from the Artisans and the Artists.