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"No Duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks"- James Allen

"No Duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks"- James Allen

Saturday November 19, 2016,

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We always tend to complain/explain the failures of others .We tend to ignore appreciating what they have done. Appreciation is a powerful influencing factor.

We have misconceptions about appreciations. It makes employees happy or increase the productivity, but truly it is a respect and value of the person in personal/professional life.

If you are happy with your success, It not only belongs to you, also belongs indirectly to your family, friends, colleagues and community.

Few study says, 80% of employees work harder when their boss shows appreciation of work, 20% employees work harder because of work demanded from boss or for fear of losing job.

If you don’t show your appreciations to those who deserve it, they will learn to stop doing the things you appreciate.

Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy and successful professionally/personally.