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Who is an entrepreneur?

Where are the stories about non-tech entrepreneurs?

Friday January 06, 2017,

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Accordingly to merriam-webster dictionary, definition of 'entrepreneur: one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise'. So in my mind most of the farmers, road side vendors, carpenters, construction workers etc: are all entrepreneurs who risk every thing they have and run their business against all odds. So why is that I don't hear any talk about their enterprises and their stories?

I am happy and thrilled to read about young folks (seems mostly young and in IT sector) and their business ideas. But struggle to understand what is their risk of running business - not taking huge salary?, not able to secure next VC fund? not being a disruptor? Why is that a young IT entrepreneur story is more told and projected cool than a true farmer who runs small agriculture business with no VC to fund or back their idea-growing food !

Any business or entrepreneur story is worth spreading if the product of the business is solving 'deeper' problems and nothing can beat 'agriculture' or farmers whose business is to feed humanity.

I guess my request to 'yourstory' contributors is to help share and bring farmers and small non-IT entrepreneurs stories also to forefront and give them the dignity, cool factor and the startup stardom the young IT folks are riding high on.

With a perspective, this is Saritha.