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Seven baby steps towards buying your own home

Buying a home is a dream for many but actually owning a home seems a real dream to them. 

Seven baby steps towards buying your own home

Friday April 14, 2017,

3 min Read

If one take necessary steps at the right time while planning for an own property, it is not so tough to get their house of dreams even in the today’s costly world.


So, whether the goals are to get a house for a family, for fulfilling the individual sentiments or out of some dream, buying it, is now easy and possible by just taking these suggested baby steps.

Take a look-

1. Start saving money via small initiatives- As according to a famous phrase “Drop by drop is the water pot filled”.If you start saving money from daily basis expenses, one day it will form a saving for your home. You can save from the electricity, grocery bills, luxury expenses, etc.

2. Find some extra source of income- Think about getting some extra income. Be it from some extra work, overtime or any other unique idea, earning something more than the usual can lead you towards those greater fulfilling goals.

3. Do not show hurry while buying your house- Suppose, by now you have saved enough money for your home, and you are ready to buy it. Even then, we would suggest you to, not show any hurry and book the flat which you may regret after buying. Regret can be for anything like locality, prices, facilities, or the builder's authenticity. Hence, doing proper research for every little thing is the necessity of an hour.

4. Buy when “deals” are showering- The festive season is the best time to buy anything that holds eligibility to be on discount during these days. Most real estate dealers, builder or direct sellers offer deep discounts during the festive season and getting your house during this time can surely help you in cracking the deal in much lesser price.

5. Go for housing loan- Today; most of the banks are offering home loans at attractive rates and even builders are having collaborations with some banks from which they can assist you with the loan facility. Doing the prior research with all these banks will help you in getting the loan for your dream house instantly which you can pay later according to your pocket without making any holes in it.

6. Search for the government schemes- Various Awaas Yojana's can yield profits in a number of ways. Hence, searching over the internet or doing some research with your peers for the ongoing government housing schemes, can ultimately lead you to significant financial benefits. Affordable housing scheme of government of India offers subsidy at lower interest rates giving you ample benefits.

7. Treat it as a foremost goal- Make it a goal and avoid anything that comes between you and your goal. The most common things that can be avoided easily are- Impulsive buying, luxury living habits, increased travel expenses or some unnecessary addictions.

So, the basic idea here is to tell you that if you start taking baby steps today, one day definitely you will find yourself getting your own home and fulfilling your dreams.