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You Don’t Need A Degree To Be An Entrepreneur, You Need Learning

"Entrepreneurship can't be taught in school, but that doesn't mean it can't be learned."

You Don’t Need A Degree To Be An Entrepreneur, You Need Learning

Tuesday August 01, 2017,

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“Are we living in the era of entrepreneurship?”

Yes or no?

Well, yes! There are several reasons behind the growth we’re seeing in the spirit of entrepreneurship. Over the past years, there are a number of clients who’ve been looking forward to starting their business.

But now the question that arises here is that whether there’s a need to have a degree to be an entrepreneur or a business owner?


I think there’s no need to have a degree to set up a business. The thing that’s actually required is nothing but learning and one great idea, a unique one. Also, you need to be passionate about your work and must have the power to face the failure that could happen multiple times.

People like you are the billionaire entrepreneurs of today!

There are a plenty of entrepreneurs who left their education in between and chose the path of pursuing their dreams of entrepreneurship. One of the greatest examples of today is a person, who owns Facebook. All of you must have heard about Mark Zuckerberg, a man who created one of the best social networking sites for you, and when he launched, and it got exploded in popularity, he promptly quit his education and became a full-time entrepreneur.

There’s a big list of Fortune 500 CEOs who dropped out of high school education and have become self-made billionaires. The list includes the names: Bill Gates [Microsoft], Larry Page [Google], Steve Jobs [Apple], Jerry Yang [Yahoo] and aforementioned the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. Most on the list left their education in between and chose the path of pursuing their dreams of entrepreneurship. Like Zuckerberg, Yang and Page attended Stanford University, Bill Gates went to Harvard University, and Steve Jobs studied at Reed College in Portland, where he completed just his first semester. They didn’t have their college degree, but they had a set of qualities that set them apart from the people working from morning 9 to evening 5 every day.

This article is related to the importance of education to be an entrepreneur. If you’ll ask this question from others, you’ll get stuck around by a number of conflicting answers. Some will say that it’s important for you to build your own character. While others will say that it’s nothing but just a waste of time if you think that you’ve sufficient knowledge about what you’re going to do and you’re confident that you can learn on your own. After considering both the pros, as well as the cons related to getting a degree, just learn one thing, do what you feel is right for you. You need to trust yourself that you’ve taken a right decision and move your steps ahead without looking back.

Entrepreneurship isn’t a course, it’s a skill that can be learned by anyone and there’s no need to be a genius to be a business owner. If you dream of running a business, you don’t need to attend a B-school or join any course to begin an amazing journey of entrepreneurship.All you need to have to become a successful entrepreneur.Basically, there are four things that you require to become a successful entrepreneur if you don’t have a college degree:

• Idea: The first and the most important thing that’s required to start a business is to have an idea, which should be great. These days, people usually think that it’s not necessary to have an idea for a startup.

Instead, they think that if one idea doesn’t work after trying it, they can simply jump to another one. But most of the times, this thing doesn’t work at all. Though it’s hard to find good ideas and once you’re done with finding an idea, it might look tough in the start. Do you learn that Google is the 13th search engine? Not only this, no one thought of Facebook after “Myspace”.

Well, as such there’s no guideline to find an innovative idea, but having a power of convincing your target audience with your idea might work for you.

 • Product: Once you’ve figured out your idea, you’ve completed one big step in your entrepreneurial journey. Now it’s time to think about the product.

If you want to make your company, a big one, it’s necessary for you to build a great product. No matter whether you have a good coverage from media, nobody will give a shit to your product, unless they have been provided with something that’s valuable for them.

• Team: It can’t be overlooked in the business like a startup that it’s important to have a great team because a good team always helps you achieve all the set goals and targets of your company.

In every startup business, one of the toughest things is choosing a co-founder. While choosing a co-founder for your business, keep in mind that you can’t pick anyone randomly. Consider only the ones who are your friends and have worked with you in the past.Cofounder must possess the qualities of being creative and decisive and once you’ve decided your co-founder, next thing you need to do is to build a good and strong team.

When you’re selecting the candidates for hiring, you need to take into consideration the four important points that are as follows:

 1.Whether he is smart or not?

 2. Does he need your personal time for training?

 3. If he’s having good communication skills?

4. Can he take the responsibility to get things done on his own?

  If you think that answer to all the questions is “yes”, don’t hesitate to make an offer.

• Execution: One of the critical parts of running a company and to make it great is executing the plans you’ve made. If you want your company and your employees to execute well and complete their work, it’s important for you to learn that you too have to execute yourself well.

The team always considers the founders as their role model, so it’s important for you to give your hundred percent to your work to make your company more successful. You don’t need a degree to be an entrepreneur, what actually you need is to learn everything mentioned above properly and for this, your knowledge and skills would help you successfully running a business. Learning doesn’t need a classroom; it needs a mind ready to learn anything, anywhere, and anytime.

Don’t run to a degree, run for your dreams, targets, passion, career, and interests.

Learn what you love, do what you can, and sometimes give a try to the things that you can’t do. This would make you more confident and skilful.

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