Grooming your dog: Save your money by learning how to groom your dog at home

The best option, when it comes to grooming your dog, is to go to professional groomers because they are trained for that job.

Grooming your dog: Save your money by learning how to groom your dog at home

Tuesday June 13, 2017,

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But if you want to save some money (professional grooming is expensive) then you can do it alone.

Grooming process is divided into three parts, grooming, bath and trimming the fur. You will need specialized tools for this process, and you can find all info about those tools on the internet.

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Grooming your dog on weekly basis

You should comb the fur of your dog on a regular basis (once or twice a week) to prevent the formation of mats. If you brush its hair every three of four days, then it will become fast and painless process as there won’t be any mats in dogs’ fur. Start combing from the head and move down the hair. Be careful while brushing the belly as it is a sensitive area.

Calm the dog during the grooming process

The dog might become agitated during the grooming process. Give it breaks, and that will make the whole process easier because the dog will calm down. Pet your dog and talk to it during the process. This will induce calmness, and your dog will look forward to next grooming.


Contact a veterinarian if a problem arises

You should also clean dog’s eyes as well as ears and teeth. If you find that something isn’t right (blury eyes or red or swollen ears) then contact a veterinarian. The dog might have an infection that you can’t do anything about so don’t hesitate if there is something wrong.

How to avoid disaster while bathing a dog?

A bath time with your dog can turn into a disaster in a matter of seconds. This is why you should be prepared. The first step is to bring in all supplies beforehand (shampoo, treats and so on). A non-slippery surface is also a must because it will prevent your dog from slipping and panicking.

Perfect water temperature will make bathing easy

Dogs aren’t like humans when it comes to water temperature. They hate hot water, and it also damages their skin. You should fill the bathtub with lukewarm water and mix the shampoo in it before you bring in the dog. Don’t let the water run while the dog is in the bath as it may cause stress to the animal. You should give treats to your dog to pacify it while you rub the shampoo in.


Clip dog’s fur with care

Many dog breeds have short hair and clipping isn’t necessary. If you own a dog with long hair, then this is a necessary step to ensure that its fur is well-kept and tidy. You should clip dog’s fur after bathing because there isn’t any dirt that can turn cutting your dog into chaos. Dirt will mess up with a clipper, and your dog may react badly to its hair being pulled.

It’s all about clipping tools

The clipper you buy should have sharp blades and a lot of lubricants. If these conditions aren’t met, then the clipper will pull the hair which will cause pain to the dog. A dog in pain can act unpredictably (it might even bite you) so be sure to avoid it.

You should read instructions that explain how the clipper works and watch videos that explain how to clip the fur. Find a video that explains how to cut the hair of a dog breed that you own to avoid trouble.




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