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Be the Achiever You Were Destined To Be

Destiny or Luck doesn’t shape a winner, it’s the awareness, the right mindset and the will to never give up which decides their course of life.

Be the Achiever You Were Destined To Be

Friday November 16, 2018,

4 min Read

Once when Socrates was asked why he was considered the wisest man in Greece, he humbly replied, “It is because I know that I know nothing.” The two key words here are ‘achiever’ and ‘destined’. Are they both related and depended on each other, would be an interesting question.

Does Destiny really exist? It totally depends on what you believe. If you believe in destiny what I want every one to believe is ‘Every human being is destined to experience the best in life by carving himself as an achiever even after the hurdles they face in their life!’ There is a beautiful quote which says ‘If you are born poor that is not your fault, but if you die poor it is definitely your fault!’

I believe each human being gets ample opportunity to showcase themselves as an achiever then what stops them from utilizing it to the maximum is an interesting question? People who underachieve in their lives tend to blame situations or their destiny when they are unable to cross their bar of success. Under-achievers make Destiny or either luck as their ‘ultimate justification’ to escape from the major issues of their lives. They always have an armor of excuses to avoid refection of self failures!

High Achievers, however, have a different approach to deal with Life in totality.

With all the unique abilities and talents, greatness is not limited to the minds of achievers but every human as the potential. What differentiates Under-Achievers from High Achievers may not be Destiny or Luck but a winner’s mindset, the right approach, and awareness. I have shed some light on the parameters which deserve equal attention for all to live their life to the fullest.

Be in Charge

The very first trait High Achievers are most likely to have is ownership. They own what they say, they do, they think, they succeed at, they fail at, they own everything. Achievers are not limited by other’s behaviors and external challenges. They in fact take the ownership to ‘do what it takes’ to achieve their Life goals.

Using your Failure for a Quantum Jump

High Achievers failed more times than an amateur who just started. I came across a quote not so long ago from an anonymous writer which piqued my interest. The quote was, ‘Success Blinds. Failure gives you second chances.’

High Achievers don’t use their failures or weaknesses as excuses. They hardly worry about the things they cannot change. Their sole focus lies on their strengths and the areas of improvement and they work incredibly for what they want. They have their vulnerable moments, breaking points, and even detours but they return back with firm grit and determination. Failures act as stepping stones for people with high aim.

Exciting Goals

To keep a dream alive and in progress, it needs to converted into goals. Realistic Goals and Vision are the bread and butter of an achiever. To make it exciting and conquerable, high achievers indulge in activities which encourage them daily to move ahead on their life path. They divide their ultimate goal into smaller achievable chunks to grow an inch closer to their vision. Achievers don’t change goals imposed on them but have goals which are way higher but very exciting!! The magnetic pull of their goals make them act with passion and excitement. For an achiever the ‘journey is equally exciting as the destination!’

High Achievers never cease to learn

“Once you stop learning, you start dying.” – Albert Einstein

Daily Dose of fruitful learning and gaining wisdom always keeps High Achievers ahead of their peers. They would never say, ‘I know’ instead they would always be ears to new ideas, thoughts, and even problems. The game ends when you think you know it all. There is no room left for growth. High Achievers make time for important things in their life, out of which learning tops the list.

Destiny or Luck doesn’t shape a winner, it’s the awareness, the right mindset and the will to never give up which decides their course of life. You may never meet a High Achiever and hear them talking about how Destiny assisted them in the launch of their career or how lucky they were to land that important deal. Achievers know ‘they are the creators of their own destiny’ and think and act accordingly.

‘Always remember, destiny is nothing but a plethora of possibilities and the best of possibility exists for everyone!’