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Video as a necessary business/marketing tool

Seeing is believing.

Video as a necessary business/marketing tool

Friday August 18, 2017,

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Sure we put faith in things, especially on people. But would you take the risk at a moment's notice when the cost is high and the potential ROI is probable at the best? A consumer would not touch your product with a ten foot pole, same goes for your service. But seeing the same product or service as a Video, in an ad can change their perception to a great extent, marketed with the right set of scenarios.

Strangely enough, being the first one in the market/industry did make up for the lack of a brand name. In the first place, take for instance, how Paytm captured a huge market share by jumping on the demonetisation bandwagon. But video is here to stay, relevant now more than ever in this digital age.

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Be it a product or service, recognition is the fastest form of sales" alt="

Be it a product or service, recognition is the fastest form of sales


As our traditional marketing practices are going obsolete, new trends and techniques are in demand. Advertising similarly has evolved, shooting a video is better but yet complex. Though a popular method it depends heavily how one company uses it to market itself and it products and services. A good ad increases the possibility of customer retention even if it is a bad product, and a bad or poorly done ad can ruin the marketability of a good product.

So when deciding to use video as a marketing/advertising tool it is better to seek professional help to cover all your bases.


Explaining it better than letting the consumer imagine wrong

Explaining it better than letting the consumer imagine wrong

Consumers want to see for themselves, get to touch and feel the product. Though possible in case of some products it is not exactly cost effective. Test driving a car is one thing, but testing a mobile phone? Here come explanatory videos, unpacking videos which make the prospective customer's decision making process easier.

Video marketing and ads are intended to stimulate the consumers interest through demonstrating the use of the product, often opting to show actual final users than celebrities.

Touch and Feel: A human trait

Touch and Feel: A human trait


Having an account on various social media is the stepping stone, the company and its offerings still have a long way to go before gaining any traction online. SEO can turn the tide in your favor, only if you are not window dressing your offerings.

Offerings showcased in ads have to be realistic in its specifications. Howeve, the success or failure of company's product or service varies on its nature, its industry and market. Still one can use a common variable to judge their success, the number of views, on YouTube for instance. 

Number of View =  Popularity

Number of View =  Popularity

Viral yet?

At this point going viral is not a child's play or is it? In case of corporate videos, carefully planned and executed marketing campaigns are used to increase aware about a company's products. The make it or break rule is more competitive with respect to this.

But how does one define viral marketing? In lieu of raising brand awareness, the wringing of the social media on the Net. The main objective is to gain recognition, meeting sales goals, and ultimately marketing and gaining publicity for the company and its products. 

What works for a prank video might get your company in a legal mess. So what type of viral marketing strategy should a company pursue? What video should it make that it reaches the maximum number of people ASAP? 

 Tips for Creating Viral Marketing Videos Going Viral. The Independent Film Channel LLC

 Tips for Creating Viral Marketing Videos Going Viral. The Independent Film Channel LLC

Going viral is essentially your video being shared across various social media platforms on the internet at faster the usual rate, within days, even hours and minutes. Promote your video on sites with a high SNP, i.e., Social Networking Potential.


Keeping in mind that to measure the video's success is to know the number of views, retention and most importantly understanding the intended message the sender is trying to convey. Most of the viral videos such as pranks, lip-sync, and monologues have a theme. If your video has theme then you need to present it in a intrinsic way. 

Move away from the mundane and obvious. Not every video out there on the Net makes it to the top irrespective of the money you spend. The word associated with its success is "Share". The more number of people share it, retweet it, post about it, increases the likelihood of it being known.

Consider the size of your market, the potential target customers you seek. Spend as much as you see fit.

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