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A Make For India Story

Sunday December 11, 2016,

1 min Read

Imagine a native punjabi speaking person in karnataka standing in front of a kannada sign board in middle of the night on a highway.

Imagine a Tamilian standing in Kolkata bus-stand in front of a bus wondering where it is going and he can't understand the accent of the locals. 

 If an app could help could help these guys find out what the sign board says. 

Across India ( https://indic-ocr.github.io/acrossindia/ ) is such an Android app. 

And if users don't want to install an app, adding https://www.facebook.com/indicocr/?fref=ts on Facebook messenger will enable a chat bot which does exactly that. 

These open sourced set of tools use OCR and transliteration technologies to create tools for mobile and Facebook messenger which could help Indian users in a multi-lingual scenario.

Get them from https://indic-ocr.github.io/