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Benefits of Product Enhancement with Expert Tips

By Kiran Patel|7th Feb 2020
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For those who’ve done product development before, they’ll admit it’s quite an overwhelming process. To build effective software solutions, it takes the team of developers extra time and effort. While it’s a great achievement, it’s not enough to just develop a website or mobile app for your product; something extra needs to be done.. However effective your developed website app is, you’ll still have to keep up with the changing trends in the market to survive the stiff competition. You may even have to upgrade your current product to remain relevant to users’ needs.

Day in day out, the digital environment experiences endless changes, and what’s trending today may be outdated in a few days. Therefore, if your product is restricted to a particular technology, chances are, it will soon be outdated. No matter how experienced you are, a newbie who deploys up to date up to date software packed with modern technology will undoubtedly bypass you. For instance, an online seller whose web app consists of an attractive homepage, customer panel supported by Chatbots, a wide variety of payment options, and AI-driven product feed, will do better than one whose mobile app offers basic functions. Therefore, to withstand the competition heat, you need to not only design an outstanding product but also integrate everything that a customer expects today.

Wondering how to go about it? Well, it’s not anything out of the ordinary. All you need is an upgrade for your current product. Almost all businesses that thrive in competitive markets employ product enhancement strategies to keep up with the evolving customer needs.

Why You Need an Upgrade

The business world is becoming competitive with advancing technology. For this reason, it’s necessary to upgrade the existing business solutions to remain relevant in the market. Technology seems to be taking over the better part of the market, trumpeting the need and the urgency to modify the existing business solutions. Whenever there’s an innovation in the market, it’s favorable to embrace product upgrade to keep up with the pace of change and to be better placed in the market.

While some people still aren’t sure if they should embrace product enhancement, those who’ve implemented it are making remarkable progress in the market. To help you understand why you should implement product enhancement, we’ll look at some benefits of product upgrade below.

1. Improved Security

Since your current product has been in existence for the longest time, it’s likely that invaders have sneaked in and hacked the software in place, therefore, impairing its efficiency. Keeping this in mind, you should integrate product enhancement so that your product remains secure. The new updates are secure from past threats and packed with modern technology.

2. Enhances Product Capabilities

New updates come with better functionalities and features that improve your product’s overall performance. Integrating new and better features in your product ensures emerging customer needs are addressed on time. With this, more users will be attracted to your product hence boosting the overall capabilities of your business.

3. Improves General Productivity

Product enhancement services the functionality of your product. For instance, integrating modern technology in your business improves your product access and refines the existing solutions hence boosting the overall performance of the products. For instance, after a product enhancement service, you’ll realize that the turnaround for your mobile app has greatly reduced.

4. Optimize Cost

With time, if your product doesn’t receive an upgrade, it becomes outdated, and this leads to loss of value. It’s quite costly to maintain such a product and your business may incur losses. However, with a modified and upgraded product, you should expect lower costs of maintenance. It’s proven that implementation of the latest software version for your product, greatly lowers production and maintenance cost.

How to Maximally Gain From Product Enhancement Services?

1. Comprehensively research on the market trends

Every added feature should be in line with the current market trends. Therefore, before adding any feature to your existing product, do extensive research of the market to ensure that it’s relevant. Scrutinize through relevant technologies and evaluate your current product before making a choice. Find out which technology matches your business needs and include it into your product.

2. Put More Emphasis On Value-Adding Strategies

It isn’t enough to identify features and add them to your product. Given that we have many available features, you need to scan through their functionality and categorize them depending on their value and relevance to your business needs. Once you do this, go for one that offers maximum benefit. To prioritize technologies that add value to your business, weigh their respective advantages and disadvantages before making a choice, and on picking the ones that offer higher benefits to your business. Even as you do this, always keep your customers’ interest in the frontline, so that the features added to enhance your product also benefits the customer. If your customers aren’t attracted to the added features, then they’re not adding any value to your business.

3. Follow a Regimented Approach

While most of the time you focus on the value the added features have on your business, weighing the likely outcomes is of great importance. To maximize the benefit of product upgrade services, it’s necessary to do an in-depth assessment of the given feature before applying it in your product. Once you upgrade your product, you must let your customers know of the new updates and how beneficial it is to them. You can have a program to advertise your upgraded product to your potential customers. Let them know why the enhanced product is better than the previous one and how they would benefit from it.

4. Innovate and Re-engineer

Even after enhancing your product, you may realize that it still doesn’t add value to your business. In this case, it means the product is either no longer compatible with the available devices and browsers, or its performance is just degraded. At this point, a product upgrade isn’t a smart way to approach the issue. To improve your product’s productivity, you may have to design the same product but with better features and functionality, and within a short time, you’ll have regained your position in the market. You may have to enhance your product design, architecture, interface, and any other thing that’s outdated. By doing this, you’ll appraise your product and in the end get more customers. Moreover, you’ll regain your grounds in the competitive world of business and become more competent.

From the recent statistics, it’s evident that a good number of SaaS companies are putting in more time effort to enhance products that are already in place as a way of boosting their product performance and propelling business growth. If you’re an entrepreneur, you know that it takes effort and time for you to retain your position in the market. Therefore, to boost your product’s productivity, you need to implement product upgrade to better the performance of your current products.

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