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6 reasons why we chose AWS

If you are looking to get the most out of your DevOps, you need to make sure you invest in AWS. Not only will it help you move along faster, you can also get the right output with this. AWS will make your development team stand out among the rest.

Tuesday September 18, 2018,

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Cloud Computing is becoming increasingly popular by the day. More and more organizations are now opting in for these services. This not only helps to streamline the entire performance of the organization but it also helps the organization progress and grow a lot faster.

6 Reasons Why We Chose AWS
6 Reasons Why We Chose AWS

There are a number of different kinds of web services or cloud computing services that you can find. However, one of the biggest names in the market is Amazon Web Services. AWS is in high demand today and if you are skeptical about choosing this service for your business here are six reasons why you should consider getting it today.

Flexible Pricing : 

The highlight of the Amazon cloud services is the pricing. Most people believe that because this is Amazon, they will charge a huge amount to use the cloud computing service. However, the truth is you can customize your plan depending on the size of your organization and your requirements. It is like choosing from an a-la-carte menu and then picking what you think works best for your business. These solutions will help you save on money and also ensure that you get the best features to help your business prosper.

A Different Approach : 

AWS services are a different service as compared to the others. Their uniqueness happens to be its highlight. While IT professionals initially get intimidated by this platform this happens to be the best way to tackle the internet fluctuations. You can ensure that in case you lose connectivity, everything that you had on your cloud computing service is saved.

Performance : 

Speed is something that every IT organization depends on a lot. The smartest choice when it comes to Cloud Computing service is AWS cloud computing for this reason alone. Struggling for hours together to upload data or edit a certain code could get frustrating. This means that the employees will lose moral and not function to their full potential. When they can work fast, they manage to get a systematic workflow going. This can help in channelizing their energy into something more positive.

Deployment Speed : 

Testing an application is one of the most crucial steps for any business. The AWS cloud solutions help you get this done a lot faster than most of the other providers that are available. The flexibility to test your apps faster helps you to develop them a lot better. This also helps you release them before your competition. The sooner you can develop software, the sooner you can move to a new one. This helps your business grow at a faster pace.

Security :

Security is the key for any IT organization and with a large brand name like Amazon this isn't something that you would have to worry about. The AWS solution provider pays a lot of attention to the security for the cloud computing service. It ensures that none of the data ever gets leaked out. Any information that you save on the cloud is confidential and can only be shared among the circle that you select. You can also choose to add more people or remove people to the project depending on your needs. This is an easy to use and convenient computing service that can be operated from multiple devices and operating platforms. Once IT developers and the operations team get used to this Cloud Computing service it is very difficult to them to switch to another because of how simple and easy it is to use.

Convenient : 

The ability to communicate with everybody on the team at the same time and send out personal messages to individual people makes this a highly convenient and reliable service to use. A lot of times business owners would like to share a certain part of the project with a larger team and keep small portions a secret. They would like to have this delegated to a select few only. This could be complicated on a number of cloud computing services, but with Amazon Web Service, this is a breeze.

Conclusion : 

When choosing a cloud computing service, there are a number of things that organizations need to keep in mind. This is so they choose a service that benefits the organization and helps them to co-ordinate with one another in the best possible manner.