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Best Instagram Scheduler Apps for Android and iPhone

Best Instagram Scheduler Apps for Android and iPhone

Friday July 05, 2019,

6 min Read

Social media automation has become blood for digital marketing. The growth of Instagram is luring the businesses towards the platform. Like any other social networking sites, Instagram also operates on strict spam control algorithms that will not allow posting of updates through third-party apps. The terms and conditions are to be well understood before using any third-party application as it might lead to banning of account.

It is strategically proven that the handles which update content more, like once in day will get reach and engagement compared to that those of which doesn’t care about it.

If the content is the soul of any Instagram account, frequency and consistency creates a pattern of heartbeat for its growth. Finding the best app to schedule Instagram posts isn’t a hard task. Balancing the terms and conditions is a game of thrones for any Instagram scheduling app.


To make it easier for your research on Instagram scheduling app, I’ve added some clear winners of the industry.

And you may follow this best time to post on Instagram guide to reach your target market and drive engagement.

Take a look at them and check it you could make them useful.


The old never gets older. Buffer is such a platform that was created to schedule social media posts seamlessly from the app itself. Saving time to social media managers with support to Facebook, Twitter and other major social media networks along with Instagram, Buffer is one of the best apps that I would choose to schedule Instagram posts.

 Features of Buffer:

  • Schedules posts to multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest at once.
  • Helps in managing consistency on posting and gaining followers and influence.
  • Post update analytics.
  • Automatic schedule of posts based on the best engagement times.
  • Related interesting content with Instagram reposting.


Buffer is available for both Android and iOS. You may go directly to the links hyperlinked to go straight to the Play Store and Apple Store.

2. Later 

Later is one the underrated Instagram scheduling apps that auto-schedules the posts on Instagram with no notification required.

All managers may not like this under the hood process, but it is helpful to those who hate to see a lot of notifications on their iPhone. Take a look at the features of the ‘Later’ app before judging it by one feature/flaw.

Features of Later:

  • Auto-schedules posts based on best post frequency gap.
  • Manages multiple Instagram accounts in one place.
  • Schedules photo, carousel or video posts for Instagram.
  • Drag and drop Instagram feed planner.
  • No manual action needed later on, to post the scheduled posts.
  • Supports multiple users.

‘Later’ is available for both Android and iOS.


 Tailwind is specialized free Instagram scheduling app to schedule and automatically publish posts to Pinterest and Instagram.

It can also auto-post Instagram stories along with posts. The Tailwind algorithms makes the right use of Instagram APIs to suggest hashtags to the scheduled posts. Take a look at the complete feature list of ‘Tailwind’.

Features of Tailwind:

  • Support for newer emojis.
  • Auto-post to Instagram in both feed and stories.
  • Tags location for scheduled posts.
  • Ability to add or remove new emojis in captions.
  • Post publishing notifications allow manual action with a swipe. 

Tailwind available for only iOS USERs. The Android app doesn’t exists.


 Iconosquare is one of the most popular Instagram scheduling apps with exclusive analytics and social media performance reports. Iconosquare plays a safe game by complying to the terms and conditions completely.

It notifies when the times are good to post. Having over 35,000 customers worldwide, Iconosquare stands as the leading analytics and management suite for social media. 

Look at the complete features of Iconsquare

Features of Iconosquare:

  • Exclusive Instagram analytics for watching over the growth and engagement stats.
  • Stories engagement data, community demographics and impression data is reported.
  • Pre-plan Instagram posts by uploading the content beforehand and get notified when it is time to post.
  • Ability to track Instagram hashtags performance, engagements and most engaging posts for premium users.
  • Comment tracker for Instagram monitors comments on posts to reply, react or delete in right time.
  • Multi-account management for scheduling and managing for all Instagram accounts at a time. 

Comment tracker is my favourite feature of this free Instagram scheduling app. The quicker the engagement increases in the form on comments and replies, the larger audience it is thrown far to. 

You can Download Iconosquare for iOS and Android.


Crowdfire is one of the first best Instagram scheduling apps that I’ve used to schedule Instagram posts. It is available for both Android and iOS featuring repostable articles to keep your feed fresh and updating.

With 19 million+ users all over the world, Crowdfire needs no separate introduction for social media managers. The ‘Post at best time’ is my favourite feature of this scheduler app.

Crowdfire picks up the feed from site’s feed and post it automatically. The tailored posts will be shown in previews before they are posted. It acts as a recheck for the post being published.

The ‘queue meter’ of Crowdfire shows the number of posts that are scheduled in queue for next few days. Take a look at the complete features of Crowdfire.

Features of Crowdfire:

  •  Composes and schedules posts for later.
  • Automatically recommends related articles and images for reposting.
  • Posts updates from blog or website feed.
  • Schedules all posts in advance to post automatically at best times.
  • Tailored posts for all connected social media networks at a time.
  • Chrome extension to share favourite pages to social media profiles in two clicks. 

Download Crowdfire for iOS and Android.


Scheduling is necessary for any business account but the social media networks are not allowing it to whatever the artificially intelligent versions they make their algorithms.

Therefore, it is important to choose the best app to create a balance between the terms and policies and the usage.

What’s the point of losing the account in the name of banning after all hard work? Human interaction always stands at the top of social media networks, say it Instagram or whatsoever.

Which Instagram scheduling app did you like?

Do you use any other app?

Do let us know about it in comments below.