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Best Online Survey Tools for Better and Faster Sales

Online Survey Tools has been regarded as the most effective tool that you should include in your beloved market research kit. When surveys are used correctly, they can provide valuable insights into various aspects of your business.

Best Online Survey Tools for Better and Faster Sales

Thursday March 12, 2020,

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Everyone loves a good sample. Whether you are taking a test drive or trying out a new type of fruit, when you have an insight about your likes and dislikes, it would help you to make a better and wiser decision during the time of purchase. 

Likewise, the same logic can be applied while making business decisions. Hence, when you collect information about customer feelings, preferences, and overall sentiments, it would help you to have a better understanding of what they need from you. That is why market research is regarded as a crucial part of an effective and revolutionary business strategy. Market research helps you to make informed decisions instead of depending on blind guesses. 

Online Survey Tools has been regarded as the most effective tool that you should include in your beloved market research kit. When surveys are used correctly, they can provide valuable insights into various aspects of your business. 

In case you do not know about the best online survey tools available in the market already, then take a look at the list mentioned below. 


This is one of the best platforms available in the market. They have over thousand registered customers since their commencement in 2017. With this survey tool, you can experience real-time connection that allows you to know what your customers are thinking at the moment.

They offer their users to conduct surveys by kiosks, tablet, web, QR code, SMS, and email. This platform also helps its users to analyze the happiness of walk-in customers. The built-in reports and analytics help in discovering customer trends.

Along with feedback forms, they also offer dynamic questionnaires, Net Promoter Score, feedback-connecting emoticons, and more.

Survey Monkey

Online Survey Tools

They offer the best customer satisfaction surveys to their clients. Even though you have the option to set up a survey free of cost but you would not be able to collect the data in Excel XLS or CSV unless you have subscribed to their paid option. Their subscription rate is higher for users who are expecting more than a thousand responses a month or those who want to use the pipeline or sophisticated branching features of the platform.

However, Survey Monkey is a great platform for users who do not have extensive coding skills. They can help you to generate complex question sets while making the process of response analysis simple. 

m opinion

Survey Tools

m opinion helps its users to billions of customers and potential customers across the globe at once. This is done by launching targeted customer surveys that appear in mobile apps as ads. This platform enables access to nearly two billion devices across the globe in real-time. Hence, it offers users billions of potential customers and insights about their own business. The real-time results would allow you to discover instantly what your customers are thinking. 

Nice Reply

nice reply

This platform offers an amazing range of functionality. They provide online forms that allow their users to set up straightforward customer feedback panels or complicated surveys or data harvesting. Users can even integrate this survey tool with different sales management solutions. This makes it an effective option for businesses that are looking to process conversion rates and leads. Through Mail Chimp integration, users can even enable targeted feedback and information gathering from the existing consumer databases. 



In case you are searching for a free and simple survey tool, then Survio is the best solution for you. However, it can only provide the best customer experience surveys if you are using small scale questionnaires. Users who do not have much experience in dealing with survey tools can use Survio to gather the survey data. The data can be easily analyzed in the Sheet or even transferred elsewhere. Its drop and drag interface, customizing feature, real-time response charts and information makes it one of the most interesting survey tools. 



If your business has a team that has a stronghold on coding, then Qualaroo would be the perfect match for you. They offer maximum functionality that you can expect from a high-end survey tool at a much lesser price tag. This platform is also highly collaborative. It allows their users to ask survey questions in nearly eighty languages. They also offer an add-on option that allows the user to incorporate additional question types and templates. The only drawback of this platform is that users are limited to twenty-five responses a month across the surveys until the payment begins. 


Customer survey tools are present on the web in abundance. The trick for businesses is to choose the one that best fits their needs. With each of these tools coming in with their unique flair of their own, piHappiness takes the cake in terms of being the most flexible and accommodating for all types of businesses. Understand your customers better and improve their customer journeys by choosing the correct survey tool to propel your sales to a new level altogether.