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Tuesday March 05, 2019,

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Best SEO Practices 2019

We are gonna live Like we are telling the best story ever” – Penelope Stamp

This hits so damn hard, that the audience is left with no choice but to stick through it.People look forward to showcase engaging content, highlighting the most relatable concerns but little do they know that they step over their own milestone by providing an almost average beginning.

The key step for creating a search engine optimized content is to work on the title tag. Gone are the day when we used to bide through the saying: ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover.’ The current generation: ‘The Google Generation’, people hardly have free time. The heading is a commitment and the most crucial element. It determines the worth of your work and the length of your stay. A blinky and a catchy heading will direct a greater traffic towards it.

Online Marketing Stratergies

SEO strategy plays an important role in the development of a business. It can lead to a footfall or a turnover. SEO is a powerful tool to attract qualified traffic towards your website.

A lot of information comes into the light with the emergence of SEO in today’s world.


Explore for content, and curate unique, creative content.

“If everyone were like everybody else, how boring it would be. The things that make me different are the things that make me, Me!”

Create content that defines you, personifies your content with abstractions and expressions.

Kill The Replicas :

Making a zombie reference to convey the idea of killing the replica will be very old school kind of a thing.

what attributes to a zombie reference?

– Duplicate content

– Outdated content

– Marketing products signifying less to no public interest

– Pages like search in the index content

FFF TIP: You could use “Copyscape” to check for replica content. This tool takes you to the URL where the content exists for you to take necessary actions for/against it.

Topic Cluster:

Topic clustering is a trending tool of SEO. If the content can’t be deleted, a better alternate is to rephrase 3 to 4 outdated content to a single engaging long post. Topic cluster is the most powerful tool, as the algorithms are being changed of search engine optimization. It involves interlinking of data via links; just like a thought tree – one thought emerging to a production of a new thought.

FFF TIP: Find broken links, check for error and fix the issues of internal or external linking.

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Voice search:

2019 came up with voice search being a predicted element as a majority of query came from mobiles only, voice assistant being incline towards the growth and consistency.

It optimizes your content, organizes and prioritizes long content posts and makes your page load quickly for a better response.

User Interface:

User friendly interaction plays a key role, it is the idea behind the concept of SEO.

If you put yourself in user’s shoes, you’ll be much better suited to that. It gets you dignified lucrative audience, along with helping you provide engaging, simple and effective content. The best hack is to prune your website from all unnecessary zombie material, leading to a rather organized representation, encouraging people to stick around and support in a longer run!

Stay Updated:

The old practices of traditional SEO trends can’t be no more considered to experience a hike in the success rate. One must stay updated with all the updates and trends for 2019. The basic structure of SEO algorithm is being changed, and so should the protocol.

Best SEO Strategies

Keep Track:

Google Pagespeed Insights – Eliminate SEO practices that render no yield. An insightful statistics of the page regarding its speed and usability can be useful for taking forthcoming decisions of your SEO. It exhibits features like user experience score, grading areas, tap target, font size. You could as well use Moz Local Listing score to check for listing sources of your business.

Let your work prosper and business flourish!

Try it the smart way – Fast > Forward >> Futuristic

Always go for Best SEO Experts to enhance your online presence.