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Why is big data best career choice?

 Why is big data best career choice?

Monday July 09, 2018,

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Big data is everywhere and there is an urgent requirement to collect and preserve the data that is being generated that is missing out which is something important because of the huge amount of data flowing around. This is possible only with the skilled professionals. For professionals who are skilled in data analytics, there is an ocean of opportunities in the big data.


Soaring demand for analytics Professionals

The number of job postings in the field of Analytics in various job sites like indeed.com and Naukri.com has increased substantially over the last one year. Further, the job trend graph from these popular job sites proves that there is a growing demand in the field and there is also a steady increase in a number of job opportunities in this area

According to Srikanth Velamakanni, the Bangalore based entrepreneur and founder of Fractal Analytics, the size of big data analytics market will grow by two-thirds from current one-tenths in global IT markets.

Technology professionals with skill and experience in Analytics are in huge demand as enterprises are looking forward to exploiting the power of large data. This surge in demand is because of the increased number of organizations implementing Analytics and readily looking for Analytical professionals.

Further, the survey conducted by global bodies shows that big data analytics is booming and is considered to be a high priority among many global businesses.

Huge job opportunities

The demand for skill is rising up steadily but there is a huge deficit in the supply side. The industry is looking for skilled professionals in large number. This demand has created a buzz for the big data online training.

Techies are advised to big data courses to explore the excellent job opportunities in this field. Since data is a part of all businesses, the skilled professionals with big data training are readily absorbed in the industry.

India is currently having the highest concentration of analytics globally. Even there is an acute shortage of data analytics talent, the demand for the skilled talent is still expected be large in coming days as many global organizations are outsourcing their task.

This field is a top priority

As per the global survey, it was concluded that data analytics is one of the top priorities among the organizations because they believe that large data improves the performance of their organizations. Many global types of research clearly show that 77% of organizations consider huge data as a top priority.

Adaptation of Big data Analytics is growing

The latest technologies of these technologies have increased the performance of sophisticated analysis on a very large and datasets. According to the reports of The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI) shows that three in five organizations worldwide are using some form of advanced analytics on Big data for business intelligence, predictive analysis, and data mining tasks.

As this is providing an edge over the competition, the increase in the implementation of analytics exponentially and continues to increase over the next few years. Hence from a career point of view, big data has many options available and skilled professionals are readily hired in different organizations.

So, time is ripe to get upskilled with big data training and pursue a stable career path.