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Top Proven Ways of Blockchain Technology to Offer Safe Environment to Mobile App Users

Top Proven Ways of Blockchain Technology to Offer Safe Environment to Mobile App Users

Saturday June 27, 2020,

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We all know mobile app development is the competitive industry where many of the players are involved. They delivered a wide range of mobile applications to their clients in order to make them a potential economic partner in the on-demand industry. To deal with the competitiveness and stay ahead in the market, app developers get updated by the new evolving technologies.


One such technology called “Blockchain” and its inclusion assures the data security in all the stages of the mobile application. The beneficial things are not limited in data protection itself and it extends the applicability to the many aspects like increasing productivity, enhancing the operational performance, and supercharging the user experience.


During earlier stages, blockchain technology was regarded as a stable base to carry the cryptocurrency. To assure the transparency and security in transactions among the stakeholders involved in the mobile application, blockchain technology is now considered as the base for all the operations listed shortly as follows


  • Managing digital transactions efficiently
  • Protecting the personal credentials of the stakeholders involved in on-demand business models
  • Reducing the manual operation time


In parallel, the app users are also experiencing beneficiaries in the on-demand business model. In this blog, I try to highlight how the integration of blockchain technology to the mobile application provides a safe and secure environment for the users.


What is the need for Including Blockchain Technology in Mobile Application?


The first question arises in everybody’s mind that what is the need for blockchain technology in the app-development process?. Mostly, the transactions carried by the mobile application suffer from three top crises such as data leakage, threats by unknown apps, and fraudulent transactions.  The build-up of the mobile application free from these activities highly needs blockchain technology.


When the number of stakeholders involved in the on-demand business is more, protecting their information and the entire structure against the thefts demanding factors of business models. To make them all are possible, the utilization of blockchain technology is the right thing for the app owners. Here, let me share with you the instances where blockchain technology needed heavily.

Enhancing data protection

Protection of the user sensitive data against hackers is a challenging task for the app players. To meet out such a challenge, developers protect the data by adding the multiple layers and creating the necessary keys for the users through blockchain technology.


Assurance of Transparency

Mostly, the middleman in the business model experiences the financial benefits rather than the others. But, the integration of blockchain technology to the mobile application maintains the digital ledger to store all transactions. Hence, any manipulation is done in ledger visible to all stakeholders involved in business models that assure transparency.


Secure Mobile Payments

On the basis of affordability and the secure, peer-peer transactions are largely observed in app-based payments nowadays. The role of blockchain technology here is to ensure these transactions are more secure, faster, and reliable. 


Protect App Structure

The existence of a centralized platform and the lack of full control causes the manipulation of entries without permission. With the use of blockchain technology, the creation of a distributed platform and the full control of domain records prevent data manipulation.


What are all the Disrupting Industrial Areas of Mobile Application through Blockchain Technology?


Mobile applications with the feature of transaction interface mainly need blockchain technology to provide active support. With the positive aspect, plenty of real-time business areas listed as follows are highly disrupted.


Stock Market: Apps used in this field includes the top feature cryptocurrency. Potentialities of cryptocurrencies are largely observed in controlling and trade of digital assets. In this situation, the integration of blockchain technology is highly benefitted by maintaining all payments in the secure database.


Retail: While entering into the retail industry, the use of mobile applications is unbelievable that plays the best interconnecting role for all the stakeholders. The transactions carried out in this industry are unimaginable for a day. The use of a blockchain-based app in this area brings the new payment platform to the customers like bitcoins, etc.


Financial: Creating responses automatically to the pre-emptive queries used the new database called smart contract where the effectiveness of blockchain technology is a highly impressive one in financial sectors. The protocols used in managing the smart contracts are self-executable and hence this area is highly disrupted in a positive way.


Banking: To carry the transaction through the bank, days needed are few in the traditional way. But, the disruption of blockchain technology in this sector is observed in important aspects such as the fast and efficient one. Supporting consistently by 24*7 with blockchain technology reduces the transaction time adversely.


Looking into all these sectors, the participation of users is high and hence they are also experiencing the convenience while doing more transactions through the mobile application.  


Top Ways to Build Secure Environment of Mobile App Users 


Growing innovations in the mobile app industry are evergreen ones and to cope up with that several features are focused by the app developers. Since the participation of users is more, the protection of data not only retains the potential customers, it also brings the new customers to the business models. In this section, I would like to mention the ways to build a secure environment for app users.

Identify the Well-Suited Application

Not all the applications are in need of blockchain technology. For example, the mobile application used for publishing content runs without any transaction interface. There is no need for blockchain technology here.

The application equipped with the transaction interface especially covers a wide range of digital payments with multiple currencies and highly needs the blockchain technology. Prior to including blockchain technology, the real necessities for the apps must be known.

Know the Technology-Assistances

After Identification of suitable apps, the clear knowledge in platforms, languages, and the supporting premises is an essential thing.

Platforms for Blockchain Implementation: Ethjereum, Multichain, hyper ledger, etc.

Languages preferred: Java, C++, Python, etc.

Supporting Premises: identify the support needed based on app utilization such as Apps used for cryptocurrencies or Apps for smart contracts.

Keep Ready with App Components

Since the mobile applications used nowadays run on two platforms like Android and iOS, keeping ready with the associated SDK files is the necessary way. The first one includes the necessary API features and the tools related to the development and testing.

The second thing like iOS SDK and this is used to develop the application for Apple’s platform with the native framework. Here, the special thing is that the blockchains act as the decentralized database in order to store the transactions. During the implementation process, the blocks in the database are encrypted and linked through the key value.

Follow Mutual Consensus Principle

In the app user’s perspective, accessibility, and security are the two major things that are largely concerned. Ensuring them is the necessary thing for blockchain implementation. Based on the required level of application, the implementation ways can be changed.

A smart contract among the blockchain developers and the respective service providers relating to the metrics such as workflow, the time required for completing the works, and the technology stack used is an essential thing. This contract should follow the principle of mutual-consensus and hence the selection can be the easier one.

Focus on Design

Once the contract and the supporting installations are ready, the integration of blockchain technology with the application is the next thing. To make it a feasible one, the configuration selection is the major need for the developers. The selection of memory structures that can be in-memory or the cloud premises are the essential things for the configuration.

Based on the size of the memory available, the configuration process is performed. Mostly, the selection of the mobile OS platform is the feasible architecture choice for the developers to implement in an easy way.

Build Attractive Front End

The app must be ready to capture user attention. For that, there are two important ways that must be focused on. Front-end programming where the app servers, languages, and the database selected is connected. Then, the app is ready for launches.

Proof of Execution

After the development process is over, the validation of the workflow of the application is the final stage. The validation is done by the following two forms. 

Internal: People of app development organizations other than the blockchain developers tested the workflow of the application with the random test cases.

Software or End-users: After internal validation, either software or end-user queries are used to analyze the workflow of the blockchain integrated apps.

After passing on these validation premises, the proof of execution is created and launched to the public group.

Have you Integrated Blockchain Technology?

Right from the stock market to the bank sectors, blockchain utilization is an unavoidable thing since they process countless transactions for a day. With the focus on app-users perspective, a secure environment for transactions, and safe app utilization are the topmost priorities.

Handling them with extreme concern is the major focus of the app owners. Once you look for on-demand app development with the transactional interface, the ways I hope the ways pointed out here bring preliminary knowledge to you. First, determine the professionals in your place to merge the blockchain technology with the mobile application.