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Friday May 31, 2019,

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So for today, our topic is blogging tips for beginners where many bloggers do mistake. 

Blogging tips for beginners #1

Choose your blogging platform-

Choosing a blogging platform is a great challenge in itself.

Because there are tons of platform where you can blog on.

  • WordPress.org- This wordpress.org is a free open source software.

Open source means you are also able to code if you know to code.

Or you can hire a techie.

The more specialized technical person who will the more you can extract from the wordpress.org.

This means you are fully responsible over the look of your blog.

This level of flexibility allows

 To create a forum

To create membership

WordPress.org is SEO friendly.

This is why it is the best blogging platform in the market.

But being an open source software you have to host it.

Hosting means getting your blog live or present on the web.

  • WordPress.com- This wordpress.com is a service provided by the hosting companies A2hosting etc.

This wordpress.com is of the same company AUTOMATTIC who owns wordpress.org.

WordPress.com is SEO friendly.

You will not be able to edit code in wordpress.com.

So it is a great alternative for bloggers who do not know to code.

  • Blogger-It was founded by Pyra labs and was acquired in 2003 by Google

Blogger is best for people who do not want to spend money on hosting.

Blogger is cheap, best and simple to use.

Blogger is hosted by Google and they also provide you a domain name but if you have a domain of your own, you can add it, it provides you that facility.

Blogger is available in 60 languages like English, Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Swedish, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Italian, Russian, Greek and many more.

  • Tumblr-It is a microblogging and social networking site founded in the year 2007.

It is best for sharing short articles but not for long blog posts.

It is too easy to publish posts on Tumblr.

You can share images, text, links, quote, video and can even chat.

Tumblr also provides you scheduling of your posts which is a great feature and helps in saving our time.

  • Medium-It is an online publishing platform introduced in the year 2012

You can even do blogging here, you just have to register yourself.

You can start by sharing your own stories.

For bloggers, you can use in the way of having a social presence on different platforms and will give you more traffic.

Blogging tips for beginners #2

Find the domain name-

Choose the right domain name which suits your blogging niche.

There are various Websites which provide domain facilities like GoDaddy, A2hosting, Bluehost, etc.

Some quick tips for choosing the perfect domain name got your website.

  • Always choose .com extension
  • Choose the domain name which is easy to speak, remember as well as short.
  • The domain name should not be more than unique.
  • Use your brand name in your domain.

Blogging tips for beginners #3

Newsletter Signup form-

Integrating a signup form on your website/blog is a great way to get traffic. This will create your target audience as well as it will help in building your email list.

With the help of the newsletter, you can build a good bond between you and the visitors and help them in getting updated.

Give them an incentive to signup your subscription form.

Blogging tips for beginners#4

Focus on call to action-

Call to action button is very important.

Call to action button is something you want from your readers!! Like a signup form or asking them to follow on social media platforms or join us for a program or get a free trial or countdown clock etc.

I have already explained it in my previous post.

Follow the link to read the full article.

Use Google analytics-

Google analytics is a free tool to use.

Every blogger who wants to rank on google search engine must put the tracking code in its website, to get the statistics of its visitors.

To get the tracking code, you have to create a account in it.

The benefits of using a google analytics is that:

  • You will get to know from where you visitors come like from which country or city.
  • You will get to know which devices they use like mobile or desktop.
  • You will get to know which brands they use like samsung or apple.
  • You will get to know which browser they use like chrome or UC browser.

There are more information like the above which is very helpful for a blogger.

Directory submission-

Bloggers must do directory submission of their websites in this way they will get some backlinks and it will increase their page authority and domain authority.

While doing directory submission always keep in mind that, choose the right category for your business, in this way it will look more authentic.