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Bounce rate reasons and amazing reducing tips

by digital floats

Bounce rate reasons and amazing reducing tips

Thursday July 05, 2018,

4 min Read

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is an essential concept and plays a crucial role while analyzing website performance. It can be defined as a number of people entering a page and exiting from that same page or we can say single page visits. Higher Bounce rate of your webpage and website may have an adverse effect on your website ranking in search engine results page. It should not exceed 50%.

Bounce rate Classification

 26 - 40 % BR is Good

 41 - 55 % BR is average

 56 - 70 % BR is higher than average

 70% and above BR is very disappointing

How to Calculate Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate = Total no of visits viewing one page / Total Visits to page

The main reasons to have a high bounce rate for your website

• Irrelevant content on the website

• Lack of good user interface

• Slow loading speed will result in high bounce rate

• Irrelevant title tag’s and meta description

• Disproportional Contribution by a few Pages

• Technical Error and Empty Page

• Not good Backlinks

• Not properly optimized content

• Broken links

• Absence of CTA

• No Follow-Up content

How to Find Your Bounce Rate in Google Analytics

Step 1 - Sign into Google Analytics account and select website for which you’d like to see the bounce rate.

Step 2 - Locate Audience Overview page

Step 3 - For the entire website bounce rate, click on the metric Bounce Rate

Step 4 - For individual page bounce rates, navigate to Behavior » All Pages

Step 5 - For particular time period change the date range from the top right-hand corner

Optimization Techniques to Reduce Your Bounce Rate

Lack of Good User Interface

Design your website based on your category audience. The display of images on the website and the features available on them must attract the inter users.

Slow Loading Speed

Loading speed affects the user experience. If a page takes up to 8 seconds to open this will produce high bounce rate. You have to maintain the loading speed between 3 to 4 seconds. Before you even consider looking at the content of your pages, ensure your guests can really see them in a sensible measure of time.

Lack of Mobile Friendly Nature

Lack of Mobile Friendly websites is there on the internet. These websites will take a time to load. To decrease the bounce rate of your website or webpage. The better way to optimize your website for mobile-friendly only. Why because 70 – 80 % traffic coming from mobiles only.

Avoid Popups

One should avoid popups to reduce bounce rate. Around the 70%, internet users said that they found irrelevant popups in websites and webpage. Popups disturb the user concentration and there is a chance that user may leave.

Division of Long Article

It’s better to divide the article having more content or pages into different parts. Some users may find long articles boring and may close it without reading it. By dividing the article into different parts user may interest to read the series of articles. It’s better to keep things short and crispy.

Update Blog/Website with Content

One should always keep on adding fresh content in blog and websites. With this one can attract new user and increase returning users. According to the latest social media tools survey, by updating blog/websites regularly with fresh and right content one can generate 125% leads or more.

Social Proofs

Some visitors need to know about the authenticity of your company. By adding social proof one can avoid visitors from leaving its website or pages. This can also increase chances of signups and purchase.

A/B Test Everything

One should always do A/B testing on websites. This testing will clue the reasons why site visitors are bouncing, and what makes them want to stay.

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-This article has been written by "Firdaus Khan"