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How to Build an On-Demand App for Laundry Services?

Planning to develop on-demand app for your laundry business? Learn how to make on-demand laundry app and how much does it cost to develop an app.

How to Build an On-Demand App for Laundry Services?

Thursday July 30, 2020,

11 min Read

On-demand apps have become an integral part of our lives. Right now, many on-demand services are available like Uber, GrubHub, or Postmates. Likewise, on-demand laundry services have also made a platform that meets your needs for washing or cleaning when you don’t have time.

With a growing disposable income and a busy lifestyle, people want everything handy. According to a report by Grand View Research, in 2019, the size of the global laundry and dry-cleaning services market was esteemed at $60.88 billion and is planned to showcase a yearly development of 3.4% from 2020 to 2027.

laundry services market size

Online laundry services make the procedure of washing convenient and fast. Users can utilize these applications for everything from planning pickup to analyzing the service. Like other on-demand services, the online laundry sector is extremely competitive.

Nevertheless, if you consider some essential aspects while developing an online laundry service app, your business can grow a better way. Such aspects incorporate:

  • Robust features of the service
  • Functionality
  • Business model

How to Develop an On-Demand Laundry Mobile App

Here are 5 necessitous steps you need to follow to create an on-demand laundry app:

1. Project Planning

After you get the concept of an online laundry service, you need to make a project plan. Then, you should work on the details such as the app’s purpose, its key features, your competitors, and your app’s unique functionalities.

2. Project Scope

Make a project scope. You should plan how many resources you will assign for everything – from app-building to distribution.

You should employ an app development agency that is experienced in creating such apps so you don’t encounter any problem. Finally, you can discuss all formalities like registering an NDA for the app idea.

3. Budget Planning

After getting a better concept for your needs, plan your budget for on-demand app. Align your budget with your needs. Your budget will be less if you require the same app with just important features. Your budget will increase if you want to develop an exclusive app with standard features.

4. App Development

You can hire experienced app developers and designers for your project. Designers follow the best design practices and make design mock-ups and prototypes and you need to approve them. And the developers build the app according to your needs.

5. Distribution

Finally, distribute the app on the app store and play store. You will get all the documentation and data before this distribution from the app development company.

If you need to know which features you should have in an on-demand laundry mobile app, read the next part.

Basic Features of an On-Demand Laundry Mobile App

To create a mobile app for online laundry service, let’s divide the app functionality into 3 categories so you can understand the features better:

  • Customer’s mobile app
  • Laundry man’s mobile app
  • Delivery man’s mobile app

Let’s discuss the features in detail!

Top Features of Customer’s Mobile App

Signup or log in

Clients can register or login using their social media accounts and mobile numbers. This enables better usability and saves them from the extra task of providing their details.

Service types to select from

Clients prefer options. Clothes are of different materials and they need special care. For this, clients can select the material type, cloth type, machine wash or hand wash, and detergent choices.

Estimated price

If you choose the materials and the number of your clothes, you can get an estimated rate for the laundry service.

Arrange pickup

Clients can choose the pickup time according to their feasibility. They just need to choose the pickup date and time from the app and they will get a doorstep laundry pickup service.

Preferred laundryman

Clients can prefer a laundryman based on his service. This is how they get a choice to receive services of the same laundry man when they book for laundry the next time.

Status of orders

After order placement, clients can utilize the laundry service for tracking the status of the order. The laundryman will change this status and update the clients with their order info.

Order cancellation

Sometimes, clients need to cancel their orders for different reasons. The on-demand laundry app offers many built-in features for order cancellation. This immediately sends a notification to the delivery man and the booking gets canceled.

Customer reviews

After getting their laundry, clients will get a scope of giving feedback for the delivery man and the laundryman.

My offers

Clients can check their customized offers and loyalty points from their profiles with an on-demand laundry service app.

Track driver

Clients can track drivers with their on-demand laundry mobile app so they can their laundry’s status.


Clients will get notified with the changes in their laundry’s status. This will update them throughout the service duration.

Various payment options

To reduce the hassle of manual processing, the online laundry service app will enable the clients to checkout with multiple payment options. Clients can make payments using eWallets, net banking, credit card, debit card, etc.

Top Features of Laundry Man’s Mobile App

Signup or log in

There is a dashboard for the laundrymen, to which they can register or login with their social media accounts or mobile number. This is why they will get the login details and passwords for securing their account.

Available customer data

After accepting a client’s order, laundrymen can get the client data like the material type, the number of clothes, etc.

Analytics & Statistics

The laundrymen can track their services’ statistics in the dashboard on a weekly, bimonthly, monthly, or annual basis and create an assessment out of it.

Order history

The laundrymen can delve into the order history for tracking client loyalty. This will help them tailor offers for clients.

Reminders & Calendars

The on-demand laundry app will contain reminders and calendars. This will help them organize their tasks seamlessly.

Top Features of Delivery Man’s Mobile App

Signup or log in

The delivery men will also have an app for online laundry service. For fast access to the app, they can register or login with their social media accounts or mobile number.

Track overall earning

Delivery men can track their earnings for a specific journey and can view entire statistics regarding their total earning also.

Map integration

Deliver man’s mobile app will contain a map. This will guide them along with the client’s place and pick up the laundry.

Pickup and drop off request

Delivery man’s app will contain a module that will enable them to receive a pickup and drop off request.

Advantages of Online Laundry Service

Here are some perks of an on-demand laundry mobile app:

1. Enhances Safety

With enhanced social distancing awareness, people are trying to stay home most of the time. Safety is the primary concern here.

An on-demand laundry app helps people get their clothes washed and cleaned by dry cleaners without requiring visiting the laundry room.

2. Boosts Convenience

Offering a better user experience is every app’s prime purpose. The app owners and developers reap the benefits automatically when users prefer the app. Due to the busy lifestyle, now nobody has time for doing lots of laundries.

On-demand laundry apps provide pickup and drop off services alongside washing clothes. This app offers many services from dry cleaning to detergent washing and petrol washing. Clients also have the choice of calling delivery men for picking up and dropping off clothes according to their feasibility.

3. Better Business Operations Handling

It is prime time for changing the traditional ways of handling laundry business operations. An online laundry service helps handle all orders accurately. It combines a feature for verifying clothes received by the delivery man.

Moreover, it helps authenticate whether the clothes are as explained or not. ‘My Earnings’ segment helps keep a record of all the earnings generated by the owner and the delivery men.

4. Produces Revenue

Whether you are an aggregator who has assembled many laundry stores on the app or a laundry owner, on-demand laundry apps help produce revenue easily.

Aggregators develop these apps for many laundries in an area. This app helps laundries get new clients and helps clients earn commissions from the laundries.

5. Advertises Local Laundries

Various laundries are available in an area. To make your laundry business different, you must do something exclusive. By paying to get featured on the app, the laundry owners can advertise their business. The rating and review feature helps display the service quality of the owner.

Technologies Utilized In an Online Laundry Service App

Mobile app development firms utilize several technologies for building an on-demand laundry app. Here are a few technologies used in an on-demand laundry app:

1. GPS Tracking

GPS plays a pivotal role in an on-demand laundry app. It offers turn-by-turn navigation to the laundrymen in real-time. Moreover, it displays how far he needs to go for reaching the destination. GPS helps you keep clients updated by displaying them precise ETAs.

2. Cloud Technology

Cloud servers are also necessitous for building a laundry app. After all, all data related to laundrymen, users, orders, and payment are stored on these servers.

Cloud technology makes a laundry app scalable. Also, it handles all the communication via secure servers and maintains the integrity and confidentiality of a business.

3. App Store Optimization

App store optimization helps you promote your laundry app. Along with the intelligence program, efficiently manages the keyword optimization, ratings, and review. This makes sure that the app becomes successful in the play store or the app store.

4. Reports & Analytics

To run a successful laundry business, you must detect its weak areas. Analytics and reports help you do this by offering informative statistics regarding sales, user base, current price standards, and more.

Some analytics tools are Apache Storm, Open Source Analytics Tools, Apache Spark, and more. Combine any of these in your on-demand laundry app for the smooth development of your laundry business.

For the remaining features, you can select the technologies mentioned below:

  • Push Notifications – Twilio
  • SMS – Nexmo, Twilio
  • Cloud Environment – AWS, Azure, Google
  • Real-time Analytics – Hadoop, Spark, Big Data, IBM, Apache Flink, Cisco
  • Payments – EWallets, PayPal, Braintree, Stripe
  • Navigation – Google maps
  • Database – Postgress, MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, Mail Chimp Integration

Costs of On-Demand Laundry Mobile Apps

A laundry app’s cost depends on different factors that include:

1. Design Principles

Developers should remember all design principles while developing an on-demand app. It is important to note clients’ needs while keeping the app prepared for fulfilling laundry business needs.

2. Platform Selection

The Android platform has several devices and the examination process for a tailored Android app. Its testing process for custom Android apps is rigorous and lengthy. In this case, Android app development takes more time and reflects the app-building cost directly.

3. Complexity

It depends on the number of features. In case your laundry app has key features, it won’t take more time in the app creation in comparison with the same with more interconnected features with higher complexity.

Revenue Streams for the On-Demand Laundry App Development

Revenue models for an on-demand laundry service can be many:

  • Different charges are decided, depending on different types of materials.
  • Charging clients for the laundry service they have selected.
  • Charging laundry services to get listed on your mobile app if you are running a laundry aggregator business.
  • Clients can select the Subscription-Based Model for availing advanced features like same-day delivery. However, this may charge them additionally.

Concluding Texts

A tailor-made on-demand laundry app can organize the procedures and take your laundry business to a further level. It should be noted that your clients will surely welcome this app and you will produce revenue from it.

With favorable features, a laundry app can help you promote your business on the web. Moreover, it offers you a competitive edge in a sector that has less competition to date.

With so many conveniences and ease in place, what are you waiting for developing an on-demand laundry mobile app? It’s time to give your laundry business the benefits of on-demand services!