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Business in Delhi is growing and taking a new turn. Check out the new entrants :

Business in Delhi is growing and taking a new turn. Check out the new entrants :

Wednesday February 06, 2019,

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Start-ups are the order of day and India is no way staying behind. With numerous creative minds, there is always one or the other startup coming up. Some get success, some fail to exist. It is a positive scenario that India has been experiencing in start-up businesses.

This has given rise to entrepreneur’s skills and overall development of the commerce in country. This has also given rise to business consultant in Delhi.

Delhi being the capital of India, has received much encouragement in making new businesses a success. This could be due to better market, better contacts and inter-nation business.

Delhi and its people are always lively and innovative and coming up with ideas. This has led to many successful business start-ups which can be used as an example for of the young and new aspirants. Business consultants in Delhi have grown in this respect too. There are many consultants that are advising the start up business owners.

Here are some of the startups that have received recognition and doing well:


This was started off by Cecile Baltazart and Shirsendu Karmakar. They felt that the independent and new designers must get an opportunity to showcase their talent. Their secret to having a successful venture is that they took an initiative to interact with the people. It is important to meet people in person rather than just interacting online. Meeting people creates an impression which makes them trust in our initiative. This is what the duo had stated.

BrewHouse – Harbingers of Creative Influence

Abhineet Singh and Emilia Bergmans are the two people who have made this creative agency and from then they have been having good client list and working on many projects. If you want grow something of your own we can be talking about the business consultants in Delhi. They can help you generate ideas.

Jamun – Breaking Away From Bollywood

Jamun was created by Ayesha Sood and Udayan Baijal and it claims to be breaking away from the Bollywood trend. Jamun can be rightly called an independent production house that has produced small d films and documentaries. The main challenge that they have faced is that of being outside the Bollywood and not keeping up to the typical industry traits. Which again, are their unique selling and point and the very philosophy.

Do One Thing – Connectors Of Creative Gaps 

The company was started by Laura Quinn who hails from entertainment and advertising industry and has an experience of over 8 years. The main aim of DOT is that they aim at connecting the corporate world with the culture that is around them and at the same time also connect it with the employees.

Now Delhi – Documentarians of Cultural Engagement

As everything online has started to reach more and more people, Now Delhi has used it and created web documentaries that are dedicated to preserve the culture of India by making short films and innovative video. Akshat Nuriyal is the person behind it. The brand is aimed at tracing the engagement and involvement of artist with that of the society and tracing it. People with artistic bend of mind have been showing appreciation for it and it qualifies as one of the creative though in Delhi start-ups.

Sayon – Carver Of Exquisite Frames

Taking creativity to another level this start-up entrepreneur thought of making spectacles frames out of wood and broken frames. As a part of recycle and innovation this idea has become a hit and Sayon is experiencing a positive response from the people.

Little Black Book Delhi

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