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How To Optimize Your Business Video to Increase Conversion Rates in the Wake of COVID-19

But to the 72% of businesses around the globe, "A video is worth a thousand sales". What about you? What are you waiting for? Your product is worth millions. Get the word across and grow your conversion rates through videos!

How To Optimize Your Business Video to Increase Conversion Rates in the Wake of COVID-19

Sunday May 03, 2020,

6 min Read

“Sales for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus have been phenomenal, blowing past any previous first weekend sales results in Apple’s history,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO on the Apple Newsroom.

Apple's products are revolutionizing our world in ways we couldn't imagine. But have you ever thought its amassing sales extraterrestrial? 

That's because its marketing strategies are extraterrestrial. Take a look at this video, and you'll know why Apple is killing it with tons of quality conversions that translate into dollars.

Why Are Videos Increasing Conversion Rates?

1. Engagement: Videos have the power to captivate the auditory and the visual senses of human beings more powerfully than any other form of content. Its ability to tell a great story by building emotions and triggering response is the name of the game.

Although videos are great storytellers, they ought to stop the viewers in their tracks in the first few seconds. Else, there lies a high possibility of the video being abandoned. 

Pro Tip: If you are a novice, make your first seconds mind-blowing by practicing with free video intro templates.

2. Education: Let's assume that you hold a passion for building cars. Wouldn't you want to first see how to build it before you purchase one? Wouldn't you want to see if the parts are fragile or strong enough that you could afford to try mismatches?

That's why product videos are deemed great assets for answering the unspoken questions of the buyers. When done right, they'd answer the questions bobbing in the minds of the viewers, while also addressing questions and concerns which they hadn't thought of, up until that moment.

Pro Tip: To educate your prospects and convert them, put your product videos on your product check-out page. 

3. Experience: Videos are wonderful tools to navigate the consumer journey. For instance, let's assume that you are new to a town, and you need to find a gym to workout. As you search on Google, you might stumble upon a local gym video ad. 

Then you might surf their website to get additional details. There, let's say, you're welcomed with a video that narrates the gym's missions and their dedication to helping their customers.

Though interested, you're not convinced. So, you dig deeper, and land at their programs page, wherein you are educated on what to expect upon joining the program, that you decide to enroll. 

That's the power of videos! They can offer consumers a remarkable buyer's journey, from start to finish, by leveraging the digital platforms that their prospects already use. 

Pro Tip: Navigate the buyer's journey through omnichannel experience and optimize your conversions.

Must-Try Video Types to Grow Conversions

1. Product Videos: The goal of a product video is to unravel all the features of a product. It is an opportunity to answer how it would solve consumer pain-points through its unique value proposition. 

If you have a novel product that people would have a hard time referencing, it's best to create product videos. A good case in point is Hoot-suite's product video that thoroughly explains the features of its social media marketing software. 

2. Demonstration Videos: Demo videos effectively help consumers to understand what to expect of your products and services. Besides explaining the offerings of your product, you can instill a basic knowledge of how to use your product through demo videos. 

For instance, you can create a series of demonstration videos, wherein every feature of your product or service could be split into small chunks. Then you could re-purpose these videos and use them on your social platforms and landing pages to grow your conversion rates. 

Take a look at how Trello mastered demonstration videos, and be inspired to create your own. 

3. Customer Testimonial Videos: According to a report by Social Fresh, testimonials could convert up to 89%. In fact, they are the best tools to prop emotion to your branding. 

Did you know that brands that connected on an emotional level with their consumers had a quality word of mouth referrals?

Establishing a good rapport with your consumers would make them your ambassadors. While on one side of the spectrum, your consumers would give you their word of mouth referrals, on the other side, you could use their satisfaction to drive further conversions. 

That's how Uscreen increased their conversions. You should also try this tactic; it has proven to work!

How to Optimize Videos for Conversions?

1. Short and Sweet: The idea of using a video is to grab viewers' attention to deliver the message before their interest wanes away. If the video is too long, viewers will become disinterested and so the video that started off with good engagement would have but a few viewers till the end. 

If you are planning to self-host the videos, then you need to look out for the file size as well. Due to slow loading time, you wouldn't want to lose viewers who could convert, would you?

So, as you work on your online video maker, ensure to keep the engagement and file size the priority.

2. Lead Capture Forms: You might think the idea of capturing leads directly is lunatic. But really, no. 


Well, Wistia's Turnstile allows you to create a lead capture form that could be inserted into your videos. You could either use this technique to gate your content or leave it as an option for your viewers to disclose their details to procure content from your brand in the future. 

3. Search Engine Optimization: This is the age of algorithms and artificial intelligence. So you must do your bit of study to make your video SEO friendly. A good practice to naming your videos would be to put yourself in the minds of the searchers. 

Think like your searchers to become visible to them.

The Word, They say, "A picture is worth a thousand words".

But to the 72% of businesses around the globe, "A video is worth a thousand sales".

What about you? What are you waiting for?

Your product is worth millions. Get the word across and grow your conversion rates through videos!