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How to scrape Google without compromising on quality

How to scrape Google without compromising on quality

Monday July 30, 2018,

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Search engine scraping is a process of harvesting descriptions, URLs and other information from Google Bing and Yahoo. It is a particular form of screen scraping and is dedicated to the search engines only. Scraping Google and other search engines is important because it helps SEO providers and webmasters improve their web page rankings. All SEO experts depend on scraped keywords to monitor the position of their competitors' sites and to target the potential customers from all over the world. Google, Bing and Yahoo get almost all their data from the automated crawling bots and rank different web pages based on the information provided by these bots and spiders.

Google is the by far largest search engine, and all companies scrape the Google search results to boost their businesses. If you continue scraping Google manually, the chances are that they will block your IP address temporarily or permanently. However, you can opt for certain tools that help hide your IP address and can scrape Google instantly.

1. Scrape Box:

Scrape Box is one of the most powerful and amazing SEO tools on the internet. It is the prior choice of freelancers, SEO companies, and webmasters and is primarily used to extract data from Google and other search engines. Scrape Box provides fast and accurate results, thanks to its multiple concurrent connections for making it possible. The tool is highly customizable and offers various options for expansions to suit your needs. Moreover, it comes with hundreds to thousands of features and complements your SEO at an affordable and reasonable price. Scrape Box comes with more than 30 add-ons and numerous features, making it easy for you to extract data from Google.

2. Screaming Frog SEO Spider software:

Screaming Frog SEO Spider software is trusted by numerous enterprises and SEO agencies worldwide for the technical SEO audits. You can either download the free version or buy its premium version to enjoy additional and extraordinary features. Meanwhile, you should bear in mind that you don't scrape Google with too many or too few IP addresses. Otherwise, your site may get penalized by the search engines. Scraping Google with this wonderful tool promises that the quality of your web content is not compromised at any cost. The more keywords you want to scrape, the more developed scraping tool you will need, and Screaming Frog is an ideal choice for you.

3. Google SERP scraper:

To use Google SERP scraper, you will need to have a trustable proxy source so that your IP address can be changed. Of course, the proxy has to be highly anonymous and should have no previous abuse against Google and other search engines. Thankfully, Google SERP scraper makes it easy for you to accomplish that task and is one of the most powerful tools for scraping Google and other search engines. If you want to scrape the search engines on a regular basis, you will have to activate 50 to 200 proxies at a time, making sure that the data is scraped correctly and in a readable and scalable format.