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Four must have android apps of 2017

Check out the list of top 4 apps which every Android user must have on their phone.

Four must have android apps of 2017

Wednesday May 10, 2017,

3 min Read


The biggest strength of Android is its app ecosystem. There are tons of Android apps in the market. Some of them are paid and some of them free. The best apps usually cost you a little, while there are plenty of amazing apps that are free. But my thought first goes to what apps are necessary to get any work done and then I think about what kinds of apps are popular and how can I go about filling those categories.

Here are a few truly excellent apps that have become ubiquitous with Android. Although this list does not have everything, it covers the apps that you must have on your Android phone as soon as you have purchased it. With these apps installed on your phone, you will be able to tackle just about anything. These apps are just a starting point that all Android users must consider.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is one of the most trusted and secure brands in the industry. This app keeps your device safe on sketchy public Wi-Fis. It is extremely safe and super-fast. It boasts an SSL-secured network with 256-bit encryption, unlimited bandwidth, and speed. This VPN has its servers in 78 countries and in more than a 100 locations around the world. ExpressVPN is definitely one of the best Android VPN apps.

2. Blue Mail

Blue Mail is the best all-around email app in the market. It has a simple interface and is compatible with almost every email provider. A set of smart settings is available that helps you in customizing your emails according to your preference. It keeps everything clean, sorted and organized. It also comes with the ability to lock up private emails and has a lot of widgets, color coding etc. Blue Mail is a powerful and simple app that gets updated frequently. Ii is one of the apps that is worth your time.

3. TuTuApp

TuTuApp is an application that lets you download and run all paid apps for free on your mobile. You can use almost all the paid apps, games and everything available on the Google play store for free using the TuTu Helper. You can download and install any number of paid apps for free and make unlimited in-app purchases without having to spend any money. You also get a high download speed of all apps that you are downloading using the TuTuApp Helper.

4. LastPass

LastPass is one of the must-have apps for Android. It is a password manager app, where you can save all your login credentials in a safe and secure way. This app is controlled by a master password and has the cross-platform support that allows you to use it on computers mobiles, tablets, and any other devices. It also helps in generating nearly impossible passwords for your accounts. LastPass is always one step ahead; you can also use LastPass authenticator along for added security.


So these are few of the apps that can are very helpful for any Android smartphone user. These apps help in protecting your phone, saving your passwords, organizing emails and help to download paid apps for free. Download them and make the most of them while you still can.