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Insight into successful post promotion

Insight into successful post promotion

Wednesday April 25, 2018,

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It is frustrating when you have written your best gig for your blog, but you can’t show it to many people on the internet because not many people can visit the web page. The hope of using the content to draw traffic eventually fed away with time. This article presents the best ways of attracting traffic to the content in the most efficient ways possible even without utilizing SEO.

Igor Gamanenko, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt Digital Services, defines the most efficient ways to become successful in posts promotion.

Find a trending topic related to the content and share the post on it

Be on the look and find materials that relate to the one you want to share. Provide visibility of the content by posting the link or image to the content that needs promotion to enable people to identify themselves with the post.

Make use of the social media

Using social media platforms is one of the most efficient ways of promoting the post of a blog. It’s free, and it can be shared in multiple times by visitors of the twitter handle, Facebook page, Instagram or any other social networking platform used.

Promote the post through appropriate communities

There are a lot of communities available online that can be used to share the content that needs promotion. It is important to look for the appropriate online forums and discussion groups to share out the post so you may reach many people to promote the traffic.

The groups should have an interest in the post shared. Also, a link must be created on the discussion board to direct the members to the blog.

Make a strategic arrangement with bloggers doing periodical roundups

Talking to bigwig bloggers and request a mention of the content in their communities can serve to boost the presence of the post on the internet. The post needs to be worth promoting to create trust from the bloggers. After the promotion, a continued good relationship with the bloggers assists in the mentioning of future posts for promotions by the bloggers where they are making their round-ups.

Repurpose the post for the future

Good content that gives more recognition to a website should be restructured using different formats to fit future needs of the website. When a post is repurposed using different formats and topics more traffic comes to the page creating a good customer base for the e-commerce without using SEO mechanism.


Link the post to other similar blogs

The post on the blog can reach many viewers by posting it on other blogs carrying similar content. Linking a post and providing an excellent comment on it that has a link sharing the blog with the post in promotion helps other bloggers and blog visitors to identify themselves with the content of advertising.