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Live Your Dream

Entering into an already established business is tough but if you are determined to do it then nothing will stop you

Tuesday December 06, 2016,

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I am pursuing my Masters in Mass Communication from Symbiosis (Pune). It is difficult to multitask studies & handling two companies. When I am in the college, I finish my assignments by 11PM & till 2AM finish off my work's priorities. I got into event management in 2013 when an author invited me as a speaker for his book launch. I kept getting invitations for events like fashion, literature, films, etc. I got fascinated by them & decided to form my own event management company called Panda Entertainment

Initially getting clients was a difficult task. It still is. But I was happy that I got to work with some good people & good opportunities came my way. 

I am building my client base & hence would not be able to give their names. But I am happy to share that none of them have regretted hiring my event management services. 

Back in May 2016, I was working with a digital agency as a summer intern. I loved their style of work. When I got back to my college campus, I realised most of the students were getting bored of Facebook & were interested in Twitter because they could connect with their brands on a personal level. That's when I decided to have a Twitter based digital agency called The 140 Campaign. Here, I started promoting brands, their campaigns, contests & became a guide to the events happening in Mumbai. 

Both the companies are yet to make big in the market. It's a long journey but I know it will be worth all the time & energy.