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An offline way of Communication.


Tuesday June 28, 2016,

2 min Read


Nearpeer allows you to chat and share files with your friends instantly. Users can either interact with other users with private chats or group chats. To disallow unwanted users, there is an ignore feature in private chats and password protection in group chat.

Amazing Features

Near Peer is totally free, you neither have to pay us nor any data charges would apply.

You can Send Messages, Share Files and Drawing Freely to your peers in Private or in Groups.

Make Band of any type like Music, Singing and lets have some fun.

If someone annoying you, you can block or unblock any user in the network.

Future milestones

1. Adding feature of emojis sending or receiving.

2. Increase the range of chat application in a Local area network (i.e all users in a LAN can have same features )

3. Adding normal calling/video calling feature.

How we came up with this idea?

Me and my friend both were thinking of building a product from a long time. Making something which can be used in daily life, One day, while travelling in DTC bus, I got too bored talking with Sujeet. So I asked him what if could connect with these people without revealing my identity and without the internet.

Then we came up with this idea of making a chat app which lets you connect with strangers and friends both which are near you but with a twist that user didn't need to have any internet connection.

So Near-peer allows you to chat with known and unknown persons without any internet requirement. It is completely independent of your phone network. Also, it does not need any manual connection, you just have to open Near Peer App and you are ready to chat with friends and strangers near you.

Here is the Screenshots of the application.