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Places to visit in Paro, Bhutan

Places to visit in Paro, Bhutan

Thursday August 31, 2017,

5 min Read

A small and beautiful country, Bhutan boasts the unadulterated beauty of nature in its finest form. The mesmerizing locations, culture, heritage, architecture, and even the smallest corners of Bhutan are extremely alluring making it a huge crowd puller in terms of tourism and traveling. Though Bhutan is filled with outstanding locations throughout the country, one of the most stupendous places to visit in Bhutan is the beautiful Paro Valley. The picturesque valley constitutes of amazing greenery and is considered as the widest valley of the country. The place basks in its own glory with the brilliant natural sights and the utmost greenery.

Palro Valley is a treat to the eyes for every kind of travelers and there are some marvelous locations spread throughout that makes the Paro Valley even more marvelous. The enthralling sights of the vast and fertile rice fields and the serene Paro River cutting through the valley makes up for the most part of the beauty of the region but the rest of the locations to explore are equally enticing to visit. The Paro Valley is one of the best towns of Bhutan that still hold on to the ancient culture and traditions and is extremely popular among tourists for the surreal locations and sights.

Though there are quite a number of places to visit in Paro Valley, as soon as one lands at the International Airport in here, the bewitching setting of the airport captivates the travelers already. The most brilliant sights of Paro can be well explored on foot and the top 5 destinations to visit in here are quite a treat to the eyes.

1. Taktsang Lhakhang - One of the best places to visit in Paro, the Taktsang Lhakhang is also popularly known as the Tiger’s Nest is one of the most iconic sights of the country. It is a monastery that is blessed with surreal sights surrounding the outstanding structure, making the pace extremely appealing. The trek journey through the mountains for about 4 hours makes the place even more thrilling. At just a distance of 10 km from the main town of Paro, the Tiger’s Nest is associated with rich history and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

2. Rinchen Pung Dzong - The Rinchen Pung Dzong can be called as the Government Working region blessed with marvelous architecture. The Rinchen Pung Dzong means “Fortress on a Heap of Jewels” and the incredible setting and architecture of the place are no less than what it means. The district Government offices and local courts make up for the most part of the region and are not listed as a tourist destination, but the outstanding architecture is unmissable. The beautiful ground outside the Dzong is where the ‘Tsechu’ dance is performed and most of it can be best explored on weekdays. The architecture has served its purpose from the early days and is must visit sight in here.

3. The International Airport - The thrill of landing in one of the world’s most beautiful airport is truly amazing. The outstanding setting of the airport with surrounding peaks and natural beauty makes it a wonderful sight to cherish, but also makes it quite a challenge for the pilots. The picturesque beauty of the vibrant green valley coupled with the gushing Paro river and clear skies with high mountains makes it a sight to cherish forever. The most brilliant sight to enjoy in here is a departing flight with the tall mountains in the backdrop of the enthralling picture.

4. Drukgyel Dzong - This Dzong is a famous archaeological site in the country and the name translates into “Fortress of Victory”. Though the Dzong is now in ruins, the beauty of the place still shouts out about the success of Bhutan over Tibet back in 1649. The Dzong was built to celebrate this victory and is still quite a sight to witness. The sight of the Mt. Jhumolhari from here is the most cherishing sights to enjoy. The tourists, who visit this place, feel amused by the rich and interesting history associated with the place.

5. Dungtse Lhakhang - A temple resembling a Chorten, built to overpower the demon causing trouble to the people is one of the best temples of Bhutan. It is believed that this temple is built on the head of the head of the demon and the intriguing stories related to its construction makes it a must visit place for tourists. The Temple hosts the best of the Kagyu lineage arts and some beautiful paintings that showcase the different stages Tantric Buddhist Philosophy. Take home the memories in your mind as you are not allowed to click any photographs in here.

Though these are the best 5 destinations to visit in the Paro Valley, there are some other enchanting places to visit as well in here. The National Museum and the Druk Choeding temple are truly beautiful and the Chele La Pass at a distance of 2 hours drive from Paro Valley is a must visit as well. This pass is the highest motorable road in the country that connects the lesser known and beautiful Haa Valley.