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From dropper to doctor – Should you drop a year after 12th for medical preparations?

From dropper to doctor – Should you drop a year after 12th for medical preparations?

Wednesday August 16, 2017,

5 min Read

A lot of students dream of becoming a doctor and saving lives. If you are one of them then, you must be aware of the amount of hard work and dedication you need to put to convert this dream into a reality. When it comes to getting an admission in a medical college, everyone wants to study in the best of all. Hence, students start preparing for the medical entrance examinations from their school itself, that is, 11th and 12th standards.


Managing time for preparation along with school could be difficult at times. In many cases, students are not able to handle the stress of board examinations as well as the entrance examinations. Despite putting a lot of efforts, students are not able to score that well in the entrance exams. Thus, they get into the dilemma of either dropping a year after 12th or not. If you are facing such a situation then here are some questions that you must ask yourself before deciding to drop a year:

Are your goals clear?

You must ask yourself if you are really willing to do the hard work required to be a doctor. Think about why you want to be one and what you will do after becoming a doctor. See if you are really passionate about studying medical science and write down these things on a paper. This would be your inspiration throughout the journey of becoming a doctor. Having a clear vision of your goals would keep you motivated throughout the gap year as well.

How was the result of your first entrance exam attempt?

If you already appeared in the examination then evaluate yourself and analyze your performance in that paper. Doing this would lay the foundation of your preparation strategy for the gap year. See if you can prepare better than before. May be a slight improvement in your preparation level can improve your rank in the next attempt.

Are you dropping only because you did not get the best college?

Make a list of colleges in which you can get the admission based on your rank achieved from the first attempt and find out more about them. See if you can get the desired environment and guidance there and then take your decision. Everyone wants to get into the best college but sometimes you may be left behind by just a few marks. Hence, do consider the situation if you do not get the best college even after dropping a year.


Do you have a plan for the gap year?

Having a plan will help you a lot throughout the gap year. Firstly, you should understand the examination pattern and the syllabus completely. Then, you can analyze what needs to be given more importance and schedule your study time accordingly. You can also join coaching classes and seek guidance if you are confused about how to prepare in the right way for the examination.

How will you deal with the stress?

Dropping a year could be stressful sometimes as you would be expecting a lot from yourself. You will have to deal with the performance pressure always. You might feel depressed, frustrated, or bored at times. Also, you will see your friends starting their career journeys and exploring new opportunities. You must prepare yourself for all such situations or else you will not be able to succeed. Make sure that you are surrounded by people who support you.

Are you aware of your strength and capabilities?

Your entire career will be based on one decision. You must be aware of your capabilities and use your strengths to achieve your goal. Find out what are the things that you need to improve as a student and work upon them. For example, if you cannot study on your own or often lack discipline then, how will you manage to study every day? Seek more study tips and enhance your capabilities.

Is your family supportive?

Family support is very important if you are planning to drop a year. They can always motivate you and help you in being on the track throughout the gap year. You should seek their guidance first. Make sure that you will be able to create a healthy study environment at home as things may change when you pass out from the school.

What if you do not succeed the second time?

If you utilize the year judiciously and prepare well, you would surely succeed. But, if you are willing to enjoy the success then, you must prepare yourself to handle the failure as well. What if you are not satisfied with your result again? You must never lose hope and do your best. You must consider some other options as well so that, you do not feel clue less if you are not able to succeed.

If you can provide honest answers to the above questions then, you will have a clear picture of what it takes to drop a year for entrance exam preparation. It has its own pros and cons and, possibilities. So, should you really drop a year after 12th for medical preparation? The only one who can answer this question the best way is you because it is about your ambitions and your journey. Of course, you can always seek guidance from the experienced ones but, at the end, you need to understand the reality and act accordingly. Have faith in your ability and you will reach heights!