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3 Video Based Start-ups You Must Know About

3 Video Based Start-ups You Must Know About

Thursday February 16, 2017,

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Videos have brought a major revolution in the world of Internet. Whether you talk about Education, Entertainment, sports, or news, videos have made a special place in our lives. Apps like YouTube, Hotstaretc have become a lifeline for our youth. Right from watching a movie, to learn about a theory of economics, to know how babies are born to how to boil milk- YouTube has everything.

In this era of Video-generation, here are 3 Video based start-ups you must know about.

1- GUVI-

Guvi is a unique community for passionate learners. This startup makes technical learning a simple exercise with a Friendly Instructor Next Door kind of knowledge sharing. It is a complete platform where people can share their learning through videos. It focuses on targeting the learners from different parts of the country, including rural areas and helping them learn in their mother tongue for Free.


This is why you should go for Guvi:

a) It provides you Gamified video Courses with points, badges, and rewards that will encourage you to keep learning.

b) You can learn trending languages like Python and Ruby. And if you are a beginner, you can start fresh with HTML or CSS . The more you explore, the more options you will find out.

c) You can get mentored by Professionals from IT Industry.

d) Join the awesome Bootcamps and meet new tech buddies.

Check the site to Learn Now​

2- ShortFundly-

Shortfundly is a perfect platform to help Short Film Makers and Short Film Event Organizers to get connected. This 2-year old Bootstrap Start-up helps the aspiring and existing short film makers create their online film maker identity and collect favorite short films in their profile. It will help to connect with film festivals and send short film entry to film festivals events in one place.

It is a technology and data-driven online media company which helps you reach the Right Audience without much research and efforts. Acting as A LinkedIn for Short Film Makers,Shortfundly connects the film makers with the ‘Film Industry’. And what makes them stand apart from its competitors is the ‘Crowd-funding Facility’ it provides to budding film makers.


Reaching your dream had never been so easier before. Follow these extremely simple steps and you are on the ladder of success:

a) Visit ShortFundly​ Or Simply Install the Android App​ On Your Mobile.

b) Upload your film and Add basic details including Director’s name, Actor’s name etc.

c) Click on Submit.

d) Sit back and relax as Shortfundly does the rest. They promote your hard work to the audience world-wide.

To Pitch the Right Audience, or to watch amazing short films, Click Here​.

3- HeroTalkies-

HeroTalkies is another movie based startup where you can watch your favorite movies at your convenience. Not just within web browser, you can experience the brilliant picture and sound quality in all your devices anywhere at any time.


Be it Web Browser, Android App, Roku, Ios app, Apple Tv, Google/Android TV, Amazon Fire TV , Airplay, or Samsung Smart TV, there is no excuse for not watching the movies on HeroTalkies. It lets you experience Kollywood’s Online Theater in 1080p HD and 5.1 Surround Sound at HeroTalkies.

Click Here​ to have unlimited Fun.

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