Found making money much easier then spending just: hardwork and then success is all yours

Keshav gupta (KVG)
13th Aug 2017
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Hi what should I start with,introducing myself as keshav gupta

Or an enterprenour keshav gupta.

I am 16 years old and moving ahead with my XIIth Sci 

I had always dreamt of being successful at very young age since saw my father

Doing the same at very young age and setting up with his empire alone himself 

He is my role model and have learnt a lot from him and still grasping as much I can 

      Now let's begin with what I have all started with;

It all began at age of 15 when I use to think of setting up with my own business and so use to share my all 

Ideas with my papa.

There was always support from dad's side. He never showed disinterest towards my

Ideas for startups and this gave me much more confidence for thinking ahead with much more bigger 

Ideas . There were many ideas that struck my mind like setting up a restaurant,taxi rental business ,

Investing in shares,and many more 

This will make you people think that what type of ideas are these such rubbish

But wait and hang on you'll surely find it interesting later on

I then with support from my dad started up my business with my dad 

Funding me but I had returned him all his invested funds within 1-2 months itself since 

Took right decision towards business startups 

I took up trading of products 

Started up for glass bottles and now supplying around Lakhs bottles 

Per month to big companies . This built up confindence on large scale 

Talking with clients,CEO of companies and several dignitary post chair person 

At age of 16 i am earning in lakhs per month 

Within short time I had got a lot of clients base all over India

I am happy for not earning big some of amount but



Its is just that once your business catches up with up multiplying sign instead Of addition factor then you are already a winner and successful than others 

Keshav gupta, Pune 

Age -16


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