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Stay in control of your wedding planning with these four keys

Stay in control of your wedding planning with these four keys

Wednesday July 19, 2017,

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4 Keys to Staying Organized While Planning Your Wedding


Wedding planning is a big task, and something you probably don’t have any experience doing. So it’s easy to imagine that you may get overwhelmed with the process if you don’t have a smart plan for how to stay organized. Every couple’s biggest fear may be that they’ve forgotten to take care of some vital aspect of the planning. With all of the tasks you’ll have ahead of you – scouting venues, talking with photographers and video editing services, booking entertainment, and more – it’s easy to imagine the worst.

But as is often the case, adopting an organized strategy can help ensure that you get everything done will make the entire process work smoothly for you. Here are four keys that will help you stay organized throughout the entire process.

Key 1 – Develop a calendar


This key is probably one of the most important ones to remember when your goal is to have a good, smooth experience planning your wedding. By creating a calendar of when you need to have different tasks accomplished, you’ll be able to concentrate your efforts on nailing down one task at a time, and checking off the boxes that ensure you’ll get everything done. All of those vital tasks – like the dress, catering, video editing services, and photographer – are much less daunting when you’re able to prioritize and organize them onto your calendar.

Whether you’re totally digital or old school pen and paper doesn’t really matter. The important thing is to set up your calendar in a way that’s comfortable for you, and use it early in the process to line up all of your major tasks in an organized fashion.

Key 2 – Organize online

Since you’re a modern girl, you’ll undoubtedly do a lot of your planning online. You don’t want to have to spend valuable time looking for lost emails, spreadsheets, video editing services video files, or other documents. Organize yourself for all of these eventualities at the beginning of the process. Set up separate email lists for all of the important people organized in your planning and set up folders in your mailbox where you can store vital emails in a place where you know you can find them.

To ensure that you can move important documents around quickly, set up a file-sharing system like Google Drive or DropBox. And consider investing in a small portable drive where you can back up important documents away from your laptop.

Key 3 – Set up a designated workspace

As well as organizing your digital space, it’s important to take the same care with physical assets. Vendor samples, video editing services sample DVDs, print shop samples, and more, all should have a designated space in your working area. Set aside a table or desk in your home for wedding planning and outfit this area with folders or bins that you can file these materials into and find them quickly. You can even consider color-coding these folders or bins and correspond these colors to your digital spreadsheets.

Key 4 – Avoid multi-tasking


You may want to think that you’ve got everything in the bag with your planning, and that you’ll be able to juggle all of the tasks with no problems along the way. Resist the temptation to bite off more than you chew and trying to handle a variety of tasks at once. Stick to your plan, use your calendar, and stay organized by tackling one task at a time. 

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