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Top secrets for stylish women

Top secrets for stylish women

Monday August 28, 2017,

4 min Read

Women juggle between career, family, and social life. It makes it harder for them to get time for themselves and keep up with the trends. However, treating yourself with looking glamorous every day is not an impossible task if you know what to do. There are a few tricks you need to get in your sleeves and every day will be a fashion day for you.

Develop a signature look

One annoying thing about trends and that is the lack of originality. It is not bad to wear designer clothing, but dressing from head to toe in outfits that are trending makes you look like a walking billboard. Develop a signature look that will make you unique in a fashionable crowd. Most talented stylists use regular clothes to develop a look which may later pass as a trend if it gets on the red carpet.

Fill your closet with clothes that you are comfortable walking in and flatter your body. Taking this fashion approach makes shopping very easy and adds an edge to your look.


Shop for neutral palette

There is so much beauty in simplicity. It will be effortless to accessorize your outfit if our dress or suit lays a neutral ground. Working women have no three hours of sitting on the mirror trying to see which accessories blend well with their dress.

Taking a neutral colored retro kjoler will give you an easy time to choose your lipstick, handbag, and shoes. It also makes it easy to blend clothes in your closet without the fear of making a fashion mistake. If you are a colorful person express it with your accessories.

Invest in the right undergarments

Most stylish women know that the foundation of your outfit will greatly influence the general look. Visible panty lines are a fashion tragedy. When you have the right bra size and panties that fit well, it becomes easy to put another layer of clothing on top. Use neutral light and look yourself in the mirror and if your undergarments are misplacing some of your goodies then do away with them.

Fitting clothes

One of the top secrets for stylish women is getting clothes that fit well and flatter their body. We know the places in our bodies that make us feel pretty. The clothes that you choose should be able to highlight all the areas in your body that make you feel pretty. It is important to have a talented tailor to work with you. You can customize your clothes to make them smoothly embrace your curves. You will never have to worry about which outfit will look great on you.

Red lipstick

There is an infinity feeling and beauty that red lipstick gives you. It brightens up your look even when you are wearing dull colors. You can easily transition from your day look to an evening look by using a red lipstick. However, there are various shades of red, and you will have to spend a good amount of time when choosing a red shade that compliments your skin tone.

It’s always about you

When you dress to impress other people, you may look good but if you don’t feel it don’t try it. The first secret of stylish women always dresses to impress yourself. Your attitude can make a dull outfit appear radiant. When you feel comfortable and pretty in your outfit, you will be more comfortable. Confidence is one of the fashion pillars that unfortunately you cannot buy from the store. Confidence plus a good outfit you will get an A in fashion and style.

It takes some time to master all the fashion secrets, but it is not impossible. When you are changing your wardrobe try as much as possible to incorporate these secrets and your bad fashion days will be a history. You can look great every day with a simple wardrobe as long as you have outfits that can seamlessly blend with each other.