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Tips before you join hotel or hospitality management

Being in the Hotel or Hospitality Management industry from past many years, compelled me to write this article. The industry needs the right people with specific skills. 

Friday April 14, 2017,

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In simple language, Hotel or Hospitality Management by definition is a service industry. It mainly deals in servicing and to delight the customers; (also called as guests) and includes Hotels, Resorts, Motels, Airlines, Cruise Ships or Floatels, Rotels or Railways, Restaurants, Fast Food Outlets, Banquets Halls, Malls, Multiplexes, Clubs, Cafeteria, Industrial Canteens, etc.

Coming to a Hotel, we all expect to be treated politely and with kindness. The industry is looking for people with great interpersonal and communication skills. One must be highly patient and organized. Before you make up your mind, here are a few questions for self-assessment:

1) Do I wish to work with people from different Countries?

2) Can I easily talk with strangers, with a formal yet confident approach?

3) Am I patient enough to listen, being courteous and polite every time?

4) Do I enjoy helping others?

5) Can I accept criticism gracefully and without being defensive?

6) Am I good with telephonic conversations?

7) Do I have problem solving skills, attention to detail?

8) Can I manage things or events?

This set contains just some of the many questions which you need to ask yourselves before you join the Hotel or Hospitality Management; selecting the right course and institute. Institute which will train you in all the aspects from a practical point of view, additionally have a good infrastructure, and good placement record. Where you can actually visit and observe the professionals working. The skills needed cannot be mastered by reading a book.

At Lords Institute of Management – Surat, we are experienced to train our students as per the touch required for Hotel or Hospitality Management. We are head quartered in Surat with operational Hotels in India and Abroad. We have lot of students not only from Gujarat but from different parts of India. We have professional and experienced faculties to share their knowledge and experiences with the students. 

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