These new startups are leading the way into social fashion commerce

A look at companies paving the way for new e-commerce solutions

These new startups are leading the way into social fashion commerce

Sunday September 17, 2017,

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Did you know there are a vast number of sellers on social media? 

People are making a lot of money selling fashionable products on platforms like: Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Pinterest etc. Even established brands have started getting into these platforms to help shoppers discover them along with the products being sold on social media. What sells on social media are visually appealing products, products that are as good as a beautiful photo, after all, these social networks are ultimately photo sharing and discovery websites. A lot of creative individuals and companies are hence smartly using these photo sharing services to help people discover their products and increasing their sales and reach by network effect.

Many companies like and etc. have shown up to create products for users to fully utilise this new e-commerce way.

Let's take a look at them.

Firstcopy Social Shopping a discovery platform for users to discover new products on social media outlets. They help people find only the latest products being offered on social media. They've an app as well as a website for you to browse and search through.

Bewakoof is a brand that helps people buy smart casuals. They stay ahead of the trend by offering custom made designs that is based upon what's trending in the media. They are a fast fashion brand that lets the social media outlets dictate what's going to be in their catalogue. 

The Souled Store 


The Souled Store is an e-commerce website that allows creators to publish their trending designs. Instead of create their own designs or letting others discover existing products. They let users create new designs and then see them come to life in the form of products. They stay ahead of the trends on social media by letting users take charge and create what they like which in turn is sold to customers using social media platforms.