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Vaxins - Vaccination schedule reminder app in India

A Father’s Initiative To Ensure Parents Never Miss their Child’s Important Vaccination Dates.

Vaxins - Vaccination schedule reminder app in India

Tuesday July 19, 2016,

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The health and wellbeing of a child are the most important causes of concern for all parents. And it was no different in the case of Mr. Hemang Pajwani, the Founder of Vaxins – A Vaccination Schedule App. As a doting father, when Mr. Pajwani missed a vaccination shot for his daughter, he realised the importance and need for a suitable tool which could help him, and other parents who lead busy lives like him, to remember the vaccination schedule of their children.

Not only that, while researching about the same, Mr. Pajwani was shocked and saddened to realise that almost 5 lakh children die every year from vaccine-preventable diseases in our country due to lack of suitable immunization facilities. And many of these deaths, especially in rural areas, are because children miss their vaccination schedules due to the unavailability of a proper reminder system that could help parents to never miss any important immunization dates.

Even for parents living in bigger cities, it is often difficult to keep track of vaccination dates, while handling all the other stressful aspects of raising a child. Considering all this, Mr. Hemang Pajwani, along with his brother, Mr. Devang Pajwani, decided to do something that would help in relieving at least little bit of the stress that all parents have to go through. Coming from a pharmacy background with 35 years of experience in the field, Mr. Pajwani had the necessary know-how and access to resources, which would help him develop something that would enable parents to never forget their children’s vaccination dates.

Since a majority of the Indian population now has access to mobile phones and the Internet, even in the remotest areas of the country, Mr. Pajwani decided that developing a vaccination schedule app would be the best technique to reach as many parents as possible. That’s what led to the inception of Vaxins in 2015.

What Is It?

Vaxins is a children's vaccination schedule reminder app which will let you create a profile for your child and help create a vaccination schedule for the same. Then every time your child’s next vaccination shot is due, the app will remind you about it, and provide all the necessary details regarding that particular vaccine. Moreover, this vaccine reminder app also informs you about all the immunization-related conferences or events thereby keeping you updated on the latest news, scientific progress & development related to vaccines.

Here is an overview of Vaxins features;

1. Allows you to create a complete profile for your child.

2. Once you’ve put in all the details regarding your child, the app will promptly send reminders, so you will never miss any important date.

3. If you have more than one child, it lets you create individual profiles for each of your children.

4. You can view the immunization status and all the other related details of your child from one convenient place.

5. Lets you set an events schedule which will be reminded to you whenever the relevant dates are nearby.


Future Plans

The idea behind the inception of Vaxins was to use the power of Internet and mobile networking to connect as many parents as possible, for a common cause which is important for all parents, regardless of where they are based. From the time of its launch, Vaxins has garnered tremendous appreciation from parents community who take their children’s immunizations seriously and further spread the word to download and use the app.

When asked about his future plans for the app, Mr. Pajwani said, “The next step will include tie-ups with Govt. as well private institutions, whose support will prove valuable in reaching more and more parents, especially in less-developed regions of the country. We also intend to add more features related to maintaining the overall health of a child, including food and nutrition-based information.”

Since immunization is often the best way of protecting your child from a number of serious diseases like Hepatitis B, Tuberculosis, Polio, Chickenpox, etc, an app like Vaxins can prove invaluable in helping children get the necessary vaccinations on time, and ultimately build their immunity to combat diseases as they grow. Apart from adding more useful features, the makers of Vaxins are also constantly working on improving their app, so as to facilitate easy navigation for the users. Lastly, they also intend to make the most of social media to grow their user base and reach more of the urban population.

You can learn more about Vaxins at www.vaxins.in 

For more information contact : [email protected]