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How to generate traffic for your website?

Prime pointers that can help you generate traffic for your website.

How to generate traffic for your website?

Saturday November 26, 2016,

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Do you know how many people visit your website every day? Or, do you wish to know what your visitors look for on your website? Better still, do are you keen on figuring out how the visitors landed on your website?

These are some of the most common, yet puzzling questions that any website owner would want to know. Be it a small startup that is in its fledgling stage or a real estate giant that has been in business for years now, all businesses want to know how to direct more traffic to their website.

To get answers to all that questions and to direct more traffic to your website, you must be familiar with the concept of inbound marketing. As goes the saying, inbound is all about making your prospects aware of your site, engaging them and converting.

Take a look at these proven methods that would help you generate more traffic to your website at ease.


Social Media interactions seem to be the going and contemporary means to direct more traffic to your site. You can choose from the plethora of social media platforms to engage and interact with your potential clients. You can choose from Facebook, Youtube, Slideshare, Pinterest and LinkedIn to post engaging and trending content that will help you establish a wide social media presence.

Not simply that, one striking aspect of Social Media platforms is that these are relatively cost friendly option over the others. So, you can exploit this tool to the fullest and you can build your rapport with your target audience and direct them back to your site at ease.



Video blogs are other prime sources by which you can direct traffic to your website. The best part about Video-blogs is that these are not as arduous and time-consuming as other tools. You can curate an interactive and informational video that subtly highlights the benefits of your products and services.

As a matter of fact, chances are high that your videos can gain traction through YouTube, which is among the largest search engines in the world.

And one major activity that you would have to consider is that you must also optimize your videos. For this, you must use appropriate video titles, tags, and descriptions. 

With this, you can get your videos to rank high in the search engines.



Email marketing is another powerful tool that will direct traffic to your website. While a number of marketers see traditional forms of marketing, quite a number of them ignore content marketing.

With a well-tailored E-mail, you can definitely direct more traffic to your site. However, it is advisable to not bombard your prospects with incessant emails. Instead, you can simply send an informational mail that might get them excited about your products or services. When you undertake this activity, you must watch out for one caveat: 

You must not flood your existing clients’ inbox. Instead, you can just send him a courteous/friendly reminder mail.



Webinars seem to be a cool and sophisticated way to direct traffic to your site. Since people look for new content and ways to learn something, you can consider hosting a webinar. If you could launch and impressive social campaign and team up the same with an exquisite webinar, the chances are high you’re your prospects and target audience will be drawn towards the same.

Also, you can execute Email campaign for your webinars and try reminder emails and last day registrations as various choices to keep that traffic coming in.

Most importantly, you must try to record and archive the webinar as you can always send the same to all those attendees who missed the event.


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