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10 Best Android Apps Launched in 2017

Best list of Android apps

10 Best Android Apps Launched in 2017

Friday May 26, 2017,

4 min Read


          With Millions of Android apps in Play store, finding for the best Android app is Challenging. Whenever you need a app say for example a browser or a editor app there are plenty of apps available. Here i have curated the top 10 Android apps. Make a look at the list,

1. ExpressVPN

If you are looking to keep your Android device more safe on public Wifi probably you need VPN - ExpressVPN is most trusted and secure brands across VPN Industry.

-Extremely safe

-Super fast

-Unlimited bandwidth and speed

-SSL secured network with 256 bit encryption

-It servers in more than 78 countries

2. Blue Mail

The best email app is Blue Mail. It features a most simple interface, keeping things clean and compatibility with every mail provider. You can customize things with the smart settings that were provided. Blue mail comes with Android wear support, the feature to lock private emails,color coding,widgets. It is more simple, powerful and it is completely free. It has a rating out about 4.7 out of 5 in Playstore.

3. 1Weather

One of the best weather app is 1Weather. Its features are more simple that shows you the present weather, a radar, forecast upto 12 weeks and much more features. Along with this a stuff like server notification, a customizable widgets and radar helps in seeing the storm approaches. 1 Weather's minimal design shows you the weather and added with fun facts if you need.


It is one of the best App that makes smartphone users to update their contacts instantly whenever you change your mobile number.

LetzwzApp helps in updating your contacts with your preferred mobile number.

Features are - Number sync with all your contacts, more secured way of communication.

5. Lastpass password Manager

Lastpass is a password Manager helping you in saving your login credentials in a more safe and secure way. And it also generate impossible passwords to use for your accounts. All are controlled with a master password. It supports cross platform so that it can be used on mobile devices, computers, tablets and so on.. Compared with other apps Lastpass is always a step ahead.

6.Runtastic Running & Fitness

Boost your running training and reach your fitness goals with the aid of runtastic running and fitness app.This works as an fitness tracker (speed,time,calories,elevation,distance ...). It is of the best running app it is like a running trainer and personal walking tracker. Features of Runtastic running and fitness are, Voice coach,Fitness tracker,shoe tracking,power song,yearly running Goal.

7. Solid Explorer

File browsing that everyone wants. Solid Explorer is more pretty as good and it gets with file explorer application realm. Its features are Archiving support, Material design, cloud service and power user stuff such as WebDav,SMB/CIFS,FTP supports. It works well and it is incredibly stable.

8. Tasker

It is one of the best application. It allows users to create commands and allow them to use in various places. Many apps support Tasker you can use it to create more complex commands, it does many number of things and it is difficult explain all those things.

9.Simple Habit meditation

It is one of the Meditation app for the people to reduce strees,sleep better,improve focus and much more. It occupies only 5 mins a day. It is featured as the best app in TechCrunch,Forbes and Business insider.

10. Google Now and Google Assistance

It is more powerful Mobile app. They both does the same thing. Google Now is voice assistant such as Siri and Cortana. Google Assistance is same as Google Now except the thing that it takes to next level. Initially Google Assistant is meant for Only Google Allo and Google Pixel Phones. For voice search, voice commands, send texts these apps can be used.

There are many mobile app development company delivering the best and quality mobile apps,all has some unique and best features.

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