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Vape Pen Battery Reviews

Friday December 30, 2016,

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   A Vape Pen Battery Review – Recharge Your Thoughts About Mobile Vaping On The Go

One of the best parts about vaping is that it is a mobile activity. A travel friendly hobby part of the appeal of the vape pen is that it is portable and pragmatic. As a pastime that can play out almost anywhere vaping requires a huge reliance on battery life and ability. One of the core components of any vape pen or wax pen is its battery and when you are on the road a lot battery durability and usability becomes a major factor in your overall vaping experience. Just like with a smartphone or tablet or any other object that charges and totes easy if the battery dies then the item turns useless. As a such a vital piece to the vaporizer pen puzzle the battery should be a pertinent part on any purchase decision we make when it comes to selecting our next buy. Taking vape pen characteristics into account is a must when it comes to vape pen shopping. Lets review three of the top vape pen batteries on the market to get a better idea of exactly is available to us on the market. There is nothing more frustrating then having your vape pen fail you while out and about so keeping updated on vape pen battery options and features is always a wise priority for any vaping enthusiast. Here are three top vape pen battery reviews to get the research process started.

Vape Pen Battery Guide And Overview Number One: The Pax 3 Vaporizer Pen Battery

The PAX 3 vaporizer showcases a 3500mAh battery which provides not only ample up time but also valuable protection against battery degradation over the long run. A 5 to 8 sessions per battery charge on average pen the Pax 3 gives most companies a serious run for vaping power and longevity.

Taking on average around 2 hours to fully recharge from zero its a quick return to vaping for the Pax 3 even after using all the battery life. The PAX 3 vaporizer pen charges through a magnetic charger which could use some room for improvement. If you are looking for more in depth insight on vape pens such as the Pax 3 it always advised to read the wonderfully detailed Pax 3 reviews that can be found online.

Vape Pen Battery Guide And Overview Number Two: The Firefly 2 Vaporizer Pen Battery

The Firefly 2 generally lasts 6 - 9 vaping engagements. The Firefly 2 comes with a replaceable 7.4V Lithium-Ion battery, and even includes a second replaceable battery giving you twice the power while on the go. The Firefly 2 battery comes with a charging dock and an external charger for the extra battery as well. The Firefly 2 recharges in as little as 45 minutes on its new charging cradle so its one of the fastest battery upkeeps on the market. The charging cradle features a USB 3.0 cable that connects to any cell phone or tablet charger so its smartphone ready which makes being mobile that much easier. If you are you considering adding the Firefly 2 to your vape pen collection be sure to read as many in depth reviews as you can to make sure you are getting a product you will be happy with.

Vape Pen Battery Guide And Overview Number Three: The Crafty Vaporizer Pen Battery

When it comes to vape pen battery Life, charging choices & travel times, The Crafty utilizes a single lithium-ion internal rechargeable battery as its power source. Holding a lifespan of around 45 minutes of continuous medium use The Crafty produces upwards of 4 – 6 solid vaping sessions. With the ability to completely recharge in 2 hours while offering pass-through charging this is one vape pen that is reliable and convenient but not as powerful as other competitors. You can also vape while charging at 20% battery life or better which is always a nice options as well. Another nice characteristic of The Crafty is that its battery runs off a USB charging system so you can charge in a variety of locations. If you want to learn more about the Crafty vaporizer its always wise to go over the detailed reviews online.

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