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Why institutes need school management software?

Why institutes need school management software?

Tuesday August 07, 2018,

4 min Read

Institutions are a vital part of our society, helping the young generation realize their dreams, and making them a contributing part of our society. A school is also responsible for a student’s growth as helps them in developing various skills while imparting knowledge and nurturing self-confidence. Which makes it essential to have the best managing tools as part of the institution.

Managing routine working-on manually has always been a daunting task for the management team. Due to an apparent lack of technology, administrators and other stakeholders have a difficult time achieving their designated goals in allotted time. As a result, the institute begins to lag behind other institutes, causing them to lose the desired candidate’s attention. Success in everyday tasks is what’s in demand of the emerging education system, and to achieve that you need a robust and comprehensive school management software which will automate your institution’s operations. It improves the efficiency and effectiveness of daily institutional operations. But how do you know, if it’s the time to have a smart school management system in your structure?

Here are some signs to detect why an institution needs a school management software:

1. Mitigate the Communication Gap

“A healthy connection is the key to a good relationship”

As we have witnessed, organized parents-teacher meetings have been over-hyped to be useful, while they are quite subjective rather than being objective to the results. Due to this reason, the parents do not have a clear grasp of the performance of their children and are oblivious to their progress. Online school management software helps towards bridging the communication gap amongst the students, parents, and the teachers via instant notification, resulting in remarkable student progress.

2. Manage Online Examination

“Exams are the key to assert the progress”

Conducting an examination is a hassle, which requires countless paperwork and laborious planning. Due to the time taking and cumbersome paperwork it becomes annoying for teachers as well as administrators. It’s not just the task of checking the answer sheets but also maintaining the records securely for a long duration. These kind of challenges are not only wasteful in time but also non-friendly for the environment. Such examination woes can be easily managed by using an ERP software.

3. Track Fees Submission

“Nothing worth learning is free of cost”

Fee submission has been one of the most dreaded parts of a parent’s/guardian’s routine, not only does it hurt the wallet but is also a tiring and a tedious activity. To submit the fees in time, sometimes the caretakers miss their crucial work hours or the students miss their much-needed classes. The process of keeping the receipt safe is another part which has caused grieving hours for both the parties. With proper software in place, such time taking activities can be performed instantaneously and with ease, parents can make online payments and keep track of the past payment history as well.

4. Bulk Data Management

“No amount of paper can hold everything safely”

Accumulating entire records of school data on paper is not only quite wasteful but also infeasible. The records are always increasing, due to large enrollment activities, employee hiring process, and other organisational activities. So keeping track of all the records, and keeping it secure from prying eyes is not an easy task in itself. It is also not possible to recover damaged records due to natural disasters/problems. If all this seems very familiar, it’s about time you switched to a school management software.

5. Attendance Maintenance

“Being present is the first step in readiness towards learning”

Regular attendance is an important part of discipline and shows alacrity for learning. It reflects the student’s moral code and shows their respect towards rules and discipline. It is a vital task of each institution often performed by the teachers, but due to its time-consuming aspect, involuntarily teachers lose precious time in this process. It causes a hindrance to the process of learning, as it is responsible towards loss of focus for both students and the teachers.

6. Gradebook management

“What you earn in the end are just a set of letters, defining your entire academic year”

Designing various types of examinations and maintaining the records on paper not only mitigates the quality of teaching but also escalate the responsibility of teachers, which in turn affects student’s productivity. With the school management software, the school staff can easily manage and create various kind of examinations and keep the records on the consolidated platform, resulting in a microscopic scope of an error.